Reason is the MAN! MidAfternoon Mental Moment

emotion iconAnother gem from Disney from 1943.

While it seems like common sense, sometimes,  more so if you have a mood disorder,  it is hard to be reasonable when emotion takes over.   So we are gonna have a little education in our mental today.  It will be fun I promise. 


Gotta love the little caveman dude huh?  Emotion vs. Reason the message is still pertinent even if the delivery is …..uh …. mental ?

Uncontrolled emotion can cause you a lot of problem  (NO! really?)


To your Mental State, whatever it may be.

LizzieCracked (not broken)



8 thoughts on “Reason is the MAN! MidAfternoon Mental Moment

  1. Hahaha! I love the way everything was going along as a normal Disney cartoon when suddenly the line pops up “oh sure that would be fine FOR HITLER! I certainly didn’t see that one coming! You are never ever boring or predictable Lizzie! and that’s what I love about you!

  2. Nobody does propaganda like Disney.
    I love this, Lizziec! Keep it coming. It’s like catnip! (even if I don’t get my afternoon mental health fix until late at night!)

  3. You know when the vid focused in on what goes on inside the head? I’d like to see an old school Disney short on what goes on the “little head.” And uncontrollable emotional eating has driven me to SPANX it! Great vid and post as usual 🙂

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