Hump Day Heffalumps, Mid-Afternoon (and week) Mental Moment


Disney's adaptation of Stephen Slesinger, Inc....
can I have whatever AA Milne was on?

Everybody loves Winnie the Pooh

and Winnie the Pooh dreams of Heffalumps

and heffalump rhymes with

HUMP  day….  (and the Woozles are thrown in for free )

wow that was a mental moment for sure 🙂


To your Mental State, whatever it may be.

LizzieCracked (not broken)


13 thoughts on “Hump Day Heffalumps, Mid-Afternoon (and week) Mental Moment

  1. What a coincidence. My grandson just discovered Winnie the Pooh yesterday and loves it! I’ll have to put this one on for him though he might find it a bit scarey. I on the other hand wasn’t the least scared watching it. And mental state feels much better Thanks!

      1. Ok,are you ready for this? This is what happens when you get old Lizzie. I’ve been blogging for a year and two months and I just this morning realized I could respond to comments by clicking on notifications! I think my brain is made of Winnie the Pooh emphasis on the Pooh! Lol!

      2. you can do that for reallies? I didn’t know that – I mean it really. HA that is too cool! thanks Linda and I guess we are both old or its just something about cool ass grammas!!! 🙂

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