Mine! Monday Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

It’s Monday again…..  here for enjoyment – as opposed to deep thought –


is the Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment.

I took out the health part because I have some things to mull over and because I have more wiggle room with a title.  It’s not a for sure thing yet ….

Happy Talk  just didn’t happen this week – The Coffee Spot is closed for remodeling – a  fact I forgot because I didn’t remember to write it down…..  I will make it up to you somehow..  but on the good side of that is I think they are going to be adding a bakery and that means DONUTS!!!!!

🙂   Anyways…… on with the moment!



6 thoughts on “Mine! Monday Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Okay, so if there’s a donut shop at the Coffee Spot, how will you tear yourself away to blog?
    When I saw this title in my email, I figured it would be the Nemo seagulls.
    great minds and all… 😉

    1. well if I stay there long enough I may become a permanent fixture… or I could talk them in to making it a wi-fi hot spot maybe – that is puzzling problem.

      I saw Nemo (the 1st time) the night before 8 yo was born..i nearly peed my pants when I saw the gulls.. mine! mine….I actually like the part where the crab holds the other crab out of the water to get him to talk even more but i wouldn’t find it…. Great Minds indeed 🙂

  2. This has convinced me that I must watch this movie from beginning to end. As I never have. Sad but true. Yay! donuts at the coffee spot. I’m getting hungry already. Ok, now I’m going to have donuts on the brain for the rest of the day. I hate when that happens. LOL 🙂

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