Prince Paradox and Lady Oxymoron, a subtle hyperbole of love(ish)

Once upon a time in the Land of Contradiction, Prince Paradox, who only lied when he told the truth, was sadly smiling as he hurried to pause in the window of the doorway he called home ,only when he wasn’t out, in the middle of calling..on the faithful subjects who believed in  him not too much anymore.

Sibiu Cathedral (King David)
Prince Paradox - vegetarian meatball - was a lonely fellow

He stood in the shadows.  Bathed in light coming  in the window looking out on the rich fertile fields of Contradiction,  oddly barren in the cold sunshine that warmed the air, bitterly cold on the dark wintery day.  Near the spring, the Prince could see the children acting the part of the grown ups and playing and running and laughing in all seriousness  as is the way that children work  to take seriously their play.  He smiled at their antics but it was a smile that only amounted to a grimace and nothing more.

The Prince was a lonely fellow, never without company.   Except in this moment, that stretched on endlessly, as he contemplated that which he could not think of.   He needed a wife.

Deep down, the Prince was a shallow man and he realized should he take a bride he would have to love her or be damned to hating himself for giving up and backing down on his often shaky conviction that he was a man’s man who felt like a woman…

 I got myself stuck!   💡        ok   moving on..…  🙄

…in enlightened ways of expanded thought that were narrow in their manly woman logic …. What the f*ck ever !!!

So now you know the Prince and are sure of nothing except that you care not  a whit and are anxious to see how the story of the beginning of the love of  Prince Paradox and his complimenting opposite the  Lady Oxymoron whose obvious charms as you see, are hidden.  

not that I am telling you what to think here…. just saying

Because in our talk we have not said much and made a perfect mess of nothing but sanity of the lunatic  mind.  So listen, as I show you the story in words that  clearly say all that needs to be said is unspoken, the written word,  not yet printed to properly define the limits of the ever expansive soul of the Lady Oxymoron.  A  free spirit who is enslaved by the unimaginable chains of her unthinkable thoughts.  

I digress as I get to the point…  Sorry, I make no excuse for my senseless rhetoric that hardly persuades you to soften your stance as you sit there in confusion.  I can not help myself.  

Insane logic tells us that this story should be an instant classic or that I should be committed for even attempting to  so …..  Let us get back to our …story..

*ahem *

Prince Paradox was a man of tall stature and muscular build,  I forgot to remember to mention that earlier and it is mildly important to the outcome …

He stood, with a blank gaze, staring out the window looking out, that no longer had sun coming in. as he had been immersed in the complexities of his simple mind (yes he was a bit of a vegetarian meatball when it came to BRAAAIIINNNNSSS  er brains I think.  )

His stomach grumbled in good-humored complaint that he had not eaten all day and he decided to help himself to some more food, from the table set for dinner at breakfast,

As he tripped lightlyacross the room to break his fast at dinner, in walks a Lady of such distinguishing subtleness, that Prince Paradox was struck dumb and humbled by the true illusion that stood radiant in the quickly dimming light of the slow setting sun.

English: Şerafeddin Sabuncuoğlu (1385-1468) Po...
Ok, I have had more than enough… have not you?  Long story short,they had a meaningful, one night relationship and went their separate ways in mutual agreement.After Prince Paradox became tired of skirt chasing and vowed to become a  serial monogamous one woman man, there was a second initial coupling  that blossomed into a marriage of eternal bliss.  Lady Oxymoron became a Paradox in the Land of Contradiction and was highly regarded by her people who really did trust her.  (mostly to amuse and confuse them)

They lived happily ever after, complimenting each other by never saying a word, with persistent ambivalence.  They had a shared monopoly when they inherited the kingdom and ruled with a regular special sense of wisdom.

Prince Paradox met an untimely death,  prematurely at the age of 75 when he drowned in the Fountain of Eternal Life.

There were two children from their union –

Pun and Metonymy….

Prince Oscar and fiancee (LOC)
Metonymy and Pun - the kids

Now just for thought…

~What is it that drives us to be unique ~to insist we are different that we are one-of-a-kind, and then to want nothing more than to be know we are not alone.  to fit in.

~What makes me so damn special that I have a mental illness and what makes you so lucky that you don’t?

And it’s a physiological disease so why do I get treated like  it is all in my head.  It’s in my head but it’s not and why isn’t it treated and considered a medical affliction and not mental ?  I have a frickin BRAIN ILLNESS  – oh hey sorry kinda got loud there…

~ Is it better to be locked in my head substituting imagination for action or locked out, acting  thoughtlessly?

~Why are some of us of artists and crafters and writers and musicians And some of us technicians and mathematicians and scientists

~Why are some able to be structured, organized and predictable and some only predictable in their lack of ability to master organization?

~What makes me different from you makes me the same as someone else.

~If it takes a village to raise a child, then why are there single parents doing it alone?

~If we alone can change the world, why is it a movement of the masses that achieves change?

~How can the best person think they are nothing and the worst person think they are  everything?

~If being unique and different is so highly regarded, why do those that are different get bullied and ridiculed.

~And why is it always the ones who did not choose the way they stand out?

~ What is normal and who gets to decide?

~Why can I not function if I don’t know why and you can carry on without asking?

~Why do some fall on the verge of greatness and some are considered great only because of the distance they have fallen.

~If there is an exception to every rule, then how can it be a rule? And what is the exception to that rule?

~If the exception breaks the rule,  and I am the exception to many I broken?

~If I am broken am I less worthy?

~Why does it matter that we are different if in the end we are all the same?  We all suffer from the condition of being human and our final outcome, no matter what, is dead.

~Are you better at being dead? Go ahead with your bad self.

and last but one that I have pondered many a night

~IF A Bear shits in the woods and no one is there…does he wipe his ass with Charmin ?

~Lizzie Cracked