Every Super Hero has a Secret Identity – MidAfternoon Mental Health Intermission

Intermission: Extraneous Music from the Reside...
Let's have an intermission on this fine Friday Afternoon....

I’m at the top of my game

Right up there with the Big Dogs..

Girls C’mon! – leave the saving of the world to the Men?

I don’t think so…..

This Mental Health Moment

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon
Mental Health Awareness One Moment at a time! kinda catchy eh?

brought to you by Lizzie Cracked.   🙂

6 thoughts on “Every Super Hero has a Secret Identity – MidAfternoon Mental Health Intermission

    1. Glad you enjoyed it -I have lots more and think a daily mental health moment is a necessary thing –
      Start as a moment and if we get the right momentum – we can bring the nap back to the work place – oh oops – into the workplace – legitimately lol….I miss Kindergarten

      1. oh yeah..snacks I used to work at a preschool once upon a time – you would think I would remember that – the comforts of youth and irresponsibility… If I had any clue how it would be now they wouldn’t have been able to budge me from child hood with a crane –

    1. Oh yes definitely! Craig T Nelson does the voice of Mr. Incredible and he kinda reminds my brother so I don’t know if I may be a little prejudiced…but some of the – I was going to say recent but I just realized uh…maybe not so much ..anyways the humor in this and some of the other ones – priceless. I don’t even pretend it’s because the kids wanted to watch it anymore – It’s all me… 🙂

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