I Hear God Laughing

I joke about God and his sense of humor -evident in that he created mental illness among other (sick) jokes.. Evident in that he gives a person the capacity to love fiercely and completely and then renders them outcast by inflicting them with something nobody understands and by that they then seem to not even be worthy of what they give, and long  for.  I get in moods where I think like this and I swear I hear God laughing.


I am not convinced of God.  Every time I think I might be, something makes me question that conviction.  I question everything.  Which some days makes me feel good and some days it is maddening.  Today is one of those days… the maddening ones.

I believe in a higher power.  Is it God?  I have faith and left to my own devices I have no doubt there would be no doubt in whatever I believe to be my god.

As far as God the Father…  well let me ask you, is it not possible that humans, being the only species that has the… need for a higher being to focus on, to explain the great joys and the great tragedies of life have not been created in the image of God but we have in fact created God in our own image?

God the Father, Cima da Conegliano, Circa 1510-17.
Looks like God but I think not- he isn't laughing...

God as an omnipotent being with no shape or form, a thought, a spirit, a need, is a hard concept to grasp.  Is it possible that God in our image was created to convince more people that he does indeed exist.

Think about this – if God created us in his image, then how do we know he isn’t really a her?  What color is God?  Where the hell does God live?

I mean really how hard would it have been back in the days of old to say God created us in his image and then he threw in a woman to keep his image happy and put it in he Bible and call it truth and have it be believed just because.

So let’s just say for the sake of argument, he does in fact exist and we are in fact, just like him.

Does he have a sense of humor?  I think yes.  How can I think that if I am not even sure of God?  Good question.  But without questioning the existence of God himself, I question many other things.

The paradox in the human condition is evidence that God, if he is God, laughs a lot.  The irony of life is evidence.

Are there people like me, that question his very existence, just so he can get a good laugh on judgement day when we stand before him mouth agape unable to say anything at all?

What an awkward moment that would be.  The MOTHER of all AWKWARD MOMENTS.

God exists because we have the need to have a purpose higher than just survival.

God exists because we have a need to believe that when we die, we do not cease to exist.

That someone, even in our loneliest hour cares for us and that no matter how alone we are in life, how vulnerable and small, we are protected and loved.  And we are taught we are created in his image so we can hold ourselves closer to God.

God is what and who we need him to be, looks like what we want him to and is either a good and caring God or a formidable God depending on our perspective on our existence on this earth.

Tell me there is nothing funny about God.  All this is blasphemy and I am going to hell.  How is it you know that and I don’t?

And I will tell you that I see God different from you.   

I have faith in a higher power than we are.  If I am going to call  that higher power God, and if I am going to say God is a he, then it really isn’t a far stretch to believe he has a sense of humor.

I hear God laughing.


22 thoughts on “I Hear God Laughing

  1. I think gods are created in man’s image… because they were created by man. ; ) I don’t believe in any god, other than our own conscience. I don’t believe in any higher power, except nature. So if you laugh, then yea. God laughs too I think.

    1. My point too – we created him out of our conscience – for our conscience.. something…
      THe creator as the mother – nature and the ebb and flow of the world makes more sense to me most days. I know She laughs ….

  2. ” I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else”- CS Lewis

    I believe in God just as I believe in breathing- God is there just as my breathing is there. Do I see my breath? No, but that doesn’t mean it is not there. Yet I do see God, more so than my very own breath, and just as I am certain I will continue to have more breaths every second of the day (whether I think about it or not), I am also certain He is the one giving those breaths to me (whether I think about Him or not).

    Does God have a sense of humor? Yes maam! This girl before you is proof positive that He is the best comedian of us all.

    1. You speak of an unquestioning faith in God – and I admire that – how did you get it? HAve you always felt it? I have faith and believe very strongly but I do not know what God looks like or …hmmm ok let me go


      I don’t question the existence of God as there being a higher power and creator and powers that be – I question the existence of GOD how we have made him. if indeed we have made him in our image rather than the reverse…. I read a book by Starhawk and some other really interesting things about the history of the Christian church and about the part the Catholics had in the destruction of the old ways and while I do not call myself a Wiccan or Pagan I do understand much of what I read and what they do. I was raised Luthern and I have a fairly good grasp of Christianity on a churchgoers level not as a scholar by any means… I understand that faith is faith by the very fact of believing without seeing – knowing without doubting – and I have faith. It is not the existence it is the form I guess.

      But I don’t question anyone’s else’s beliefs or say they are wrong.

  3. I believe there is a creator, God if you will, higher power. I believe he is coming back and I think we were put here to serve a purpose. I think he has a sense of humor; he has too and a love for irony. He must be extremely patient also, as we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again; if I was him I’d whack me up side the head a few times with a 2×4 and I’d hear a booming voice,” NOW! Would you like to try that AGAIN? Please! I’ve given you 2 choices the choice you made the last 8 times was wrong, so which one do we choose??”

    1. Patience yes with no question. He would have to be to be my God – if you ever saw my comments and posts you know I can go on and on and really make no sense either… so imagine when I am just throwing him the random prayer.. and he never says anything. So yes patience for sure.
      A 2 x 4 ? I think he probably is very wise to the fact that violence is not the way -especially with a strong woman who has decided never again. which makes me wonder what the purpose of having us put up with a husband that beats or demoralizes -cause that isn’t funny. Thanks for reading and your input.
      🙂 Peace

  4. Okay, normally I don’t jump in on posts about religion or spirituality, but you’ve got me snagged here. I agree. I believe in a higher power. I wouldn’t call him / her God, exactly. I’m not sure there is a “name” that fits. I’m not even sure that God is an entity, as much as he / she / it is a cluster of energy, not so much matter. It is probably some ball of energy at the center of the universe, the very origin of it all. All knowing, because it was the creator. All seeing? Maybe. Or maybe there’s more than one God. Who knows. All that I know is that there is a higher purpose and a design.

  5. I think that life is like a video game that we are playing in some cosmic pizza parlor and when you die all it means is that they called your number. Well, I don’t know if I really believe that. But I do believe that we are here for a purpose and that everything is going to turn out alright in the end. It’s just that we have a whole lot of time to kill inbetween. There’s a darn good reason for every situation in life. We just can’t see the big picture. So we just have to do our best everyday. Hope for the best everyday. We can either accept this life as it has been given to us, work to make it better if we can, or if we can’t — we have to either accept it or kick and scream through the whole thing. Either way we have to get through it as best we can. I believe in God because I choose to — even if he is odorless, colorless and tasteless! Thanks for making me think Lizzie!

      1. Bwa hahaha vodka .lol…whew good one! Her God is nonoffensive to the senses in fact you pray too much and you will have a warm fuzzy sense of well being for awhile…
        Or a strict one that will strike you down without warning ..except you may feel a little sick right before……
        Yea..ok .im gonna stop…but yea …that was good .. Hee hee

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