A is for Awesome… and a Water Buffalo

Awesome Blog Content

A is for Awesome, B is for Blog and C is for Content.

What’s that spell?

Lizziecracked has an Awesome Blog and stuff –

with Content…


Thank you to Kana of Kana’s Chronicles for bestowing upon me this award.

I’m a little choked up, a little verklempt…  talk amongst yourselves.

The topic is of course …me and my little light that my cracked self lets SHINE through.  Oh… wait that’s a different award ooooopsss.


All kidding aside I am truly honored and although she gave me this award before Christmas I think, it’s been sitting on my shelf until I can properly accept it by meeting the required requirements and letting you know what is required if you are the next recipient…  in the Price is Right!

I believe that is contestant ..the next Contestant in The Price is Right but I’m gonna rein it in now and be normal…uh sensible….yea let’s just see what is what shall we? Forget that nonsense about The Price is Right?


I have come a long way since I got the Versatile Blogger Award and felt too shy to even say anything… except for that post that was so long that it turned into a two parter and then I lost all the words to the second part and that was the important part cause that’s where the nominations and stuff were and they ran away – my thoughts not the nominations but it made me write an even better *ahem* speech that was a tribute to my late grandfather who would be so happy I was writing and have a job writing and getting awards but would probably give me that look if he was to read this completely run on sentence that if  I was talking I would be doing really fast cause I wanted to thank everybody my fans and family and all the blessed cracked people and most of all the powers that be – except for the spam police all before the music starts playing and they herd me off stage and…..


No music.  Oh ok

Is this rehearsal or the real deal? I missed the memo. That’s why I am all dressed up with curlers in my hair so I can fake it either way.

Thank you Kana, I am sorry I did not get this out sooner but that in no way diminishes how warm and fuzzy I feel and how honored I am to not only be getting an award for my blog content being awesome, but from a writer and human being of your caliber.  I love your blog, and the way you write – I admire your courage and your openness, kindness and generosity of spirit.  You Rock and

I’d give you this award if you hadn’t given it to me which means you already have it. So…

I looked around to see what I was supposed to do – Kana had a few awards that day and lumped them together – which I can totally dig.  I can barely think of 2 new things a day and most of them want to know some strange and little known facts.  The longer you have blogged the harder it gets to make those lists for real.

So the stipulations are as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave it to you and display the award in a post.  Make sure to link back to the bestower’s blog.
done and done!  oh..and done 

2. Going through the Alphabet, use one word beginning with each letter that describes you and I think the idea is just to get as far as you can (ok maybe I am giving myself a little loophole but I will do my best)
commencing in about 5 seconds… 


3. The most important part (besides the Thank You)  – bestow (I am really liking that word today, have I repeated it enough to make it a drinking game?) the award upon as many or as few bloggers as you see fit.

well …

I could handle that by either giving it to everyone I can think of on my blogroll, that I follow, that follow me… or that visit here today in which case I should Title it FREE AWARD JUST CLICK HERE – hey I could get some traffic huh?

Hi, hey thanks for stopping by today here’s your Award! 

But I think that goes against the whole concept of an award because if we all had one it wouldn’t be special – well it’s still special but you get what I am laying down for you here?

I could just refuse to give it out – but that would be silly.  Cause I always say, share the wealth and how good would that look if I say that and then keep my award all to myself?

How about if you want it write me a 140 character or less damn good reason I should give it to you?  That’s like a tweet it’s not like I want a thesis…..

NO! I was actually kidding but go ahead if you want to just for shits and giggles…

Really what I am trying to do is stall because I hate having to choose.  I think you are all very deserving of awards and stuff.

Well let’s get through the ABC’s and maybe I will think of something

Armed                                                            BiPolar                                                          

Confuddled                                                           Dorkiest Dorker                                                        Eager                                                     Fantastic                                                     Grateful                                                      Humorous                                                    Intelligent                                                        Joyous  

Klutzy       Luminescent                 Moongazer                       Night owl          

Over conformity         Playful          Quixotic

repentance                   Silly            Trash talker            Understanding

Vibrant                    Worthy
Xuberent                              🙂                              Youthful


OK so here’s what I decided to do.

I am going browsing and reading and trolling and I may troll the Veggietales while I am about.

I will announce the next winners of the ABC Award later this afternoon so stay tuned and check back often 🙂

or you could sign up for email notification and then you will know exactly when it happens.  Just saying….

Besides, at this point, if I add the nominees too, this post will be unbelievably long and they should be spotlighted.

Here, just to pass the time – some more Awesomeness in the form of Silly Songs by Larry

I did promise a Water Buffalo…it’s not like it is all about me!

It’s all for you.


10 thoughts on “A is for Awesome… and a Water Buffalo

  1. Congratulations lizziecracked – Well Done!
    For your drinking game, every time you do a “roll”, emoticon, or tangent should be a drink. Just a sip though, or I wouldn’t be able to make it htrough a post!
    Rock on!!!

    1. Thank you, thank you – you should probably start getting your speech ready – you can combine it with the Kreativ Blogger one – or did you do that already – ??? Cause It’s not like the Oscar’s I don’t do the drama of the snubbing the obvious – unless hey you think that would uh…hahaha no jk……. lol if those were the rules of when to take a drink, you might as well never even put it down – damn I wish I was younger lol..

      1. You honor me! I see your plan now – to keep awarding me until i finally respond.
        Sigh. Lay it on me, lizziec!
        (Of course, my acceptance speech will be all about you!)

  2. Another well deserved award! Congratulations Lizzie! Great A to Z words to describe yourself. (I have to look up Quixotic when I’m done with this comment though.) I love your idea of trolling to find a recipient. Now that’s a really cool idea, and could become quite addictive. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Wait a minute . . . did you hear that? I think my Water Buffalo is calling, you have to excuse me now! 🙂

    1. Thank you and troll all I might – you are on the list 🙂 oh wait SPOILER ALERT lol I forgot what post I was on…. Hey did you get the fast water buffalo cause mine is slow…Hope we all have one now..

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