A Call to Action! You Could be the Deciding ONE!

No really…  This may be decided by Just. One. Vote.

so add your 2 ¢  and give me a name worthy of my ….  haha sorry I was gonna get really big-headed here but I will remain my modest humble self  🙂

Poll closes as soon as I get enough votes to make a really solid decision.  Next week at the latest… so hurry up!  The kid is only getting bigger and will be talking soon.    🙄

let’s not really consider BRAAIIINNNSSS eh?  I got the idea from El Guapo  – imitation being the sincerest form of flattery I have to give him credit but I just wanted to lighten it up a little since it is oh so serious 🙂

The Poll tax in the United States from 1868&nd...
The general consensus is still unknown and none of the big networks will guess the chickenshits!

8 thoughts on “A Call to Action! You Could be the Deciding ONE!

    1. Always thinking about the kid golly…:-) Yea I think that is definately the most kid friendly choice although Lizzie Graham Crackereds and then Lizzie Grahama Crackers were 1 and 2 respectfully in a verbal poll around here…Thanks for voting. Hey what was choice 1 I think I randomized them so its different every time?

    1. Lol it wouldn’t have been a waste I was thinking someone would – especially someone that does the Friday Foolishness lol – So I have been running it by my 18 yo and the little monkey and it seems like it may work….He just looked at me with his big eyes and stuffed his fingers in his face so I took it as fairly positive -but I think he wants to see what the outcome of the poll is – he seems like a pretty patient little guy – so much like his mama in temperment as a baby. I am gonna hang out with him later tonight as I think I am finally over the worst of what I have and been on some kick ass antibiotics long enough to not be contagious so I am working and setting up his little chair and we are gonna hang out 🙂

    1. Lol – I think that is what is will be even with an underdog at the last minute having a hail mary – but shhhh dont tell maybe we can get some more votes and suggestions just for fun 🙂

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