Oh Be Still My Heart! I am all aTwitter…

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not angry birds just twitter

At the risk of sounding…

Well gee now I am gonna get stuck on how I don;t want to sound.  So let’s just move on I guess.

I never understood Twitter.  It just, I don’t know if I couldn’t grasp the concept because I couldn’t picture it in my head or if it’s because the mental imagery I had was of tweets flying all over the place with no place to park.

Like a text message that never gets to the intended recipient, where do they go?  I have often wondered about that.  Do the words stay together or do they break up float aimlessly around with no further purpose?  How many profound and life altering thoughts could be floating around out there never having been received, long forgotten by the sender and never more to be discovered because they were set via SMS that failed to go through.  Do the birds and fairies eat them up?  How are we not bombarded by letters and words that did not find a home and suffer the sad fate of having no meaning in their disjointed state.

Sometimes I think they could turn ugly, like the birds in Alfred Hitchcock’s twisted brainchild Birds and start attacking people just because they can.  The thought of going outside and getting pelted by an agitated explicative or having an unnamed feeling target me is unnerving.  I have enough problems with the feeling I have thank you, I don’t need  any out of context ones to add to it.

And woe is the email that never reached its intended recipient.  How hard it must be to keep itself together and how tired it must get of bouncing around.  Maybe there should be an Island of Misplaced Words for all the texts, emails, IM, chats, etc etc that have found themselves lost.  I think it would probably have to be a cloud though for fairly obvious reasons.  To me anyways.

Back to Twitter, I think that maybe the best picture I could get was that people purposely launched their words into the air and hope somebody would catch them.  At the beginning I didn’t realize that you do indeed have a central location of sorts.  Like a page and a profile.  I thought you just typed something out and hit send.  It became the first indicator that technology was getting ahead of me, which kinda made me uncomfortable.

I did sign up for Twitter finally. Shortly after 18 yo did because she seemed to have so much fun with it.  She would come tell me about this and that and I would smile and nod my head and hope like hell she didn’t see that I had no earthly idea what she was talking about.  I did ask her once if she was worried the aliens would intercept her tweets and she looked at me funny.  What?  It’s a valid question.

My twittering – er tweeting? has been mainly just the automatic twitting of my posts because I figured I might as well set it up if I signed up to tweet.  And other than a tweet or twat or twit …eh, whatever here and there.

Until Today

I had a little time on my hands without pressure of needing to do anything else and I got an email about a tweet so I decided hat the heck and I went and did little exploring.  I think I get it!  The hardest thing now is to deal with the 140 character limit and that may be a problem but it may also assist me.

But the coolest thing I figured out is I can take some of the random thoughts – the short ones under 140 characters – and still make good use of them.  I mean sometimes I have a whole 2000 word post that starts out with just a one thought… but sometimes they don’t go any further although they are still worthy of sharing I think.  So I have decided I like Twitter.  It’s a pretty cool concept come to think of it.

I am excited and will probably be an annoying twit about tweeting for a while seeing as how I like to wholeheartedly throw myself in to what ever I am into but I promise no stupid updates about  brushing my teeth or what color poop was in the baby’s diaper or inane stuff – unless of course I am feeling like being inane just to be me.  🙂

So there it is folks. I am all aTwitter and I am feeling good that I finally understand (kinda) how it works.  It remains to be seen if it’s a good idea to let me have free rein  – like putting a cat in front of a canary I may uh ..kill it.

Why is it always about birds?That reminds me I think I am due for another round of Angry Birds and I wanted to tell you that Happy Talk will again be on Sunday this week.  I should probably try to announce that earlier than the

Angry Birdsnight of the morning it was supposed to be on but anyways I haven’t quite made up my mind about the permanence of changing to Sunday so just for this week it is.

Hey!  I could have just tweeted it huh?  Well duh – I am off to the Twitter.

Cool Beans.  

you can follow me on Twitter 
@lizziecracked if you so choose 🙂  


11 thoughts on “Oh Be Still My Heart! I am all aTwitter…

  1. Twitter is only a time suck if you let it be. LOL I use Tweetdeck so it gives me a LOT more flexibility. Love me some Twitter.

    @karenlsyed amd @echelonpress

    I followed you this morning.


  2. I always get a huge kick out of the people I follow on twitter! I alway forget to check it though. Which reminds me, thanks for the retweet Lizzie. I’ve been retweeted! (sounds like something Elmer Fudd would say!)

    1. Lol- I am really barely understanding but I guess it is probably just like everything else -the more you do it the more you get it…wow that was kinda profound and could be misconstrued as being…no wait i am getting my sayings mixed up again..I think that maybe the key to me not getting it, it is essentially a text message but I forget to look too or I notice my email comes in like an hour after the fact – and by then everyone is on to the next thing..I like the trending things. And the other thing is the difference is if you don’t do a direct message it’s public and it’s also on your blog so I have to mind my p & q’s and f-bombs lol
      Peace 🙂

  3. I know! There’s proof of everything you say and think now! Sheesh whatever happened to the good ol’ days when we could just deny it ever happened. I guess the good thing is that there’s so much stuff flying around everywhere nobody can keep track of what anybody says. If that makes any sense. If not, I never said it! HA HA!

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