Imagine Not – but Ignore Not Either.

I blacked out my blog today and was struck by the extreme frustration of being….silenced?  While I chose to black it out to get the message across, I fought the urge to unblock it during the day and thought about what if one day I came to write and found the black out imposed by someone else and beyond my control.  I managed to leave the blackout in effect,

but If I was not given the choice –

or I came to a blog I liked and it was gone –

I would probably go nuts – the helpless feeling like when your cell phone goes off and you have no way to contact anyone or tell anyone why you can’t – only worse.

We take our freedoms for granted until they are threatened and yet there are so many who have not the freedom we do.

Someone asked me once if I could even imagine a life without Google – my reply was that yes I had actually lived quite a bit of my life without Google so it wasnt far out of the realm of thought.

And I have only been blogging a few short months so I can imagine life without this too…

But I can’t imagine having this and having it taken away...well even that would be adaptable eventually if there was no internet or techno stuff period for some weird reason but what if it was here…just like now only somebody had the power to decide what you should or shouldn’t be able to see….

What if you were shut down for no given reason – just because somebody could.  That’s a scary world that I don’t want to live in…even the insidious sneaky way it is being presented is alarming – like a good thing…  And it may look shiny but it smells rotten.

Can you even imagine?

8 thoughts on “Imagine Not – but Ignore Not Either.

  1. We do take our freedom for granted. We don’t know anything different. But I had a friend who grew up in Soviet controlled Eastern Germany. She said they would have to check over the fence to be sure no one was listening when they had back yard birthday parties. People would simply disappear and no one could say anything about it or they would disappear too. She managed to escape when she was 16 by running across a field where there were towers of armed guards. But they didn’t shoot her and she got to West German and was interagated for 4 months. Once she was free, she couldn’t visit her family until they finally tore down the Berlin Wall.

    1. I remember reading stories when I was a kid about communist Russia and East Berlin. I got the overall feeling of constant anxiety and I couldn’t even begin to think I would be able to live like that.

    1. 😳 awww shucks. I didn’t pay much attention to this when I first heard about it a few months ago I admit. I really am easy going, live and let live and not an extremist on much – this one obviously violates the let live part of the mantra and I have learned that if you take a stand …even if you don’g get what you stood for…THEN you have the right to bitch and moan and any kind of ranting and raving….its like voting for president, sure my one vote may not make a difference in the end because obviously the gap is more than one vote but if I just sit back and watch without adding my 2 cents then when the guy I didn’t want wins – who am I to say anything after the fact? I find myself becoming more uncomfortable with the middle of the road as I get older too…maybe life experience has given me enough to make an educated decision I don’t quite know. So really I said all of that to say – I only get involved so I can Bitch!..:-)

      On a serious note – this is just plain wrong and scary. SO I take a stand because it may be that it’s one voice pushing the issue either way – not mine necessarly but adding mine may get us closer to that one that will do it. As far as inspiration 😉 it was you that inspired me to stay the course on my choice of blacking out as well as to add my post on the matter. So there! How do ya like that? 🙂

      1. No drop of rain thinks it’s responsible for the flood, and totally agree with you on the “right to whine” thing.
        As far as the mutual admiration society, I believe I have 20 minutes free on Tuesdays between Underwater Basket Weaving and Cartoon Appreciation.

        But I won’t wear a button.

      2. ew Tuesdays are a little tight for me but I think that will work – providing you remind me when its Tuesday. You should do a post about the Underwater Basket Weaving – I think it would be great fun… Cool on the no button thing, I end up sticking myself anyways so I am all good with that!

  2. Sounds like slavery to me. MLK Jr said, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. If government officials had this power, what would be the point of a democracy? What would be the point of the Civil Rights Movement? Would all that our ancestors fight and gave their lives for be in vain?

    1. IN a word…yes.
      Ok I can’t just leave it at one word. 🙄 Valid points you make. I was thinking the other day that in a way – it would make my service to my country a … invalid maybe because the very freedom we fight for is being taken away from our own government. It got me all kinds of twisted up.

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