I am Sharing this Little Known Internet Secret with YOU!

Did you ever Google ‘work from home’ ?  You should.  Just for the really cool things you will learn and the people who so willingly share (for a nominal fee of course) their little known secret key to instant wealth by just clicking away on your computer.

I think I could be one of those people – because I have that much time on my hands and make money while I sleep – and just to prove it, I have a special offer for you for today only.

I have done all the research, fallen for all the scams, been frustrated beyond belief and disappointed almost to the point of crying so that you don’t have to.  All you have to do is get excited and pay your nominal fee and the secret is yours.

My hours of work benefits you.

Amazing new program I found while I was doing a little research for an article and I thought how  can i keep it to myself?  I was looking for good marriage advice sites – no I was looking for the best ones but without having to spend hours immersed in each to determine what was better than the next.

SO I clicked on this one site that said something about couples therapy and was presented an innovative new program and a free relationship assessment – not really relationship more like remnants of or the sham you call your relationship – in other words if you have a good strong marriage / relationship do not proceed.

 I mean really anyways it isn’t often that someone who isn’t having marital difficulties will Google marriage advice right? Maybe  I’m wrong, but I digress.

To get a feel for the site so I could decide yay or nay on using it I put on my last relationship cap and filled out the 20 or so questions about the status and problems and waited with tingling anticipatory I don’t even know what to call it while my assessment was generated.

Ok here it is but first! a 45 second blurb by the average Joe psychologist who isn’t looking to make any money, just to help people because he is so generous and in doing so he discovered a way to rake in a million dollars a day and wants to share that little secret with us all too so we all can sit on our asses and get rich while we have awesome relationships.

I didn’t really listen after ‘hi I am’ whoever he was and he probably didn’t offer to share his million dollar a day secret internet tip either.  Well not free for sure.  I kinda zoned, but as soon as the little video blurb was done I sat up and wiped the drool from my chin while I scrolled down to my results which also promised to tell me exactly how to fix my relationship.  In the back of my mind I was thinking it was a little too late but lo and behold –

Oh wait!  I should tell you that the questions asked things like are you together now and is the other person with someone else and other things of that nature so the assessment wizard was very aware of the state of things  – well not the going to Vegas on a business trip and calling to say he got married part – just the with someone else part

We have a better than 80% chance of ending up back together AND making it work!!  IF we can get past the power struggle and the betrayal and the trust issues and the wife.  Wow dude – not to be confused with The Dude, the one that abides, just dude – 20 questions and you can tell me all that rubbish about my relationship? Amazing So IF we can get over these obstacles and see each other as the people we fell in love with, minus the bad feelings using this revolutionary program that is a little known secret, there is still hope.  Even though, you know, we couldn’t make it work before.  80 % chance we can do it…BUT (it’s a big Butt too) TIME is not on my side in this endeavor.

Neither, I am sure is his wife.

Where the hell is my credit card – I better act fast!!

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8 thoughts on “I am Sharing this Little Known Internet Secret with YOU!

    I can’t believe you’re giving this away for free, lizziecracked. I would expect to pay 20, 40 even 60 dollars at a high-falutin’ department store for this.

    By now, his wife may know him very well, and be very strongly on your side…

    1. yes, free….I know it is UNBELIEVABLE right? You however are not one that needs this fine service of that I have no doubt. And actually no – my nemisis, the antilizzie – not so much anti we actually have a couple things in common she just isn’t as highly evolved and kinda spineless (am I even allowed to say that here? Does it make me seem bitter? Mean? Yeah huh it does – Im not and I am sorry for everything I just said.
      (not sorry enough to not put it though.) what was I saying? oh yeah – she isn’t at all on my side which is fine by me too….

  2. Ha ha I’m still thinking about “remnants of or the sham you call your relationship” ! Ha ha! Do these people really make money? Who would the target audience be? People who have lots and lots of credit cards and who believe every single word someone types. Maybe I should start up a site where all I do is sell “free” stuff. Just come right out up front and say I’m offering you absolutely nothing for only $12.95 a month. Could be worth a try! 🙂

      1. Ahhh see now here is where the real catch is – I may have forgot to include the fine print damn! you already are signed up just because you clicked on it. Its true you are signed up for LIFE even if you didnt want to be so ….’m glad you are on onboard lol i’d hate to be annoying if you didn’t volunteer for it 🙂

    1. You would be surprised! There is actually a language that when you start looking for internet opportunities for employment after the first 100 or so it is an obvious scam of some sort….and for any one good one you find..there are probably a gazillion shady ones. I have spent hours and hours and been sucked in by too many of them I hate to admit it but that is part of the problem – nobody wants to admit they got scammed and they don’t do anything. So yeah you could absolutely offer nothing for $12.95 a month and if you put some key phrases in your intro – I’ll bet you could be telling the next little known secret to raking in a million dollars while you use the commode 🙂 maybe I should start keeping track of the lizzie idioms? lol. ‘lizzidioms…wise words for cracked situations…’?? lol I already brought out the lizziecracked effect – thought of that one last night lol cept i misspelled it and it says the lizzieCACKED effect – which eh kinda fits in a way …

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