Moms Aren’t Supposed to Get Sick.

i'm sick
Image by the|G|™ via Flickr
I originally posted this on October 16th – because I was sick.  I am dragging it out because I woke up with brain fog – and I am sick -bleh….

I woke up this morning with another headache, big deal.  But with it came a raging temperature and achy bones and an upset stomach.

Groooaannn…I am sick.  I’m not supposed to get sick.  It takes away Mom points and is frowned upon by the gaggle I call my children and any body else who thinks they want something from me.  Being Sunday, I figure I’m probably letting down God by not going to church, except I hardly go when I am well.  It’s just another reason for me to feel guilty and inadequate.

Still, all day they parade in and out of my room needing one thing or another.  Waking me up and then saying I didn’t know you were asleep even though I was clearly sawing logs…big huge logs.  It’s different when I take to my bed due to a bipolar episode.  Then I at least can have a dialogue with them and convince them they are capable of doing it  – whatever it is – by themselves.  When I am sick I can only grunt and look at them bleary eyes, their expectant faces waiting for me to take care of the problem.  If I blurt out “Go ask your Father!” they don’t become alarmed that I might be delirious, they just assume I am crazy.

As they continue to demand things, food, water, stuff like that, I silently seethe and think wait til you have kids of your own and you are sick.!  Yeah.!  I feel a little better at the thought.  And honestly at least with them all here bugging the crap outta me, I know I won’t end up dying from my illness only to lay here unnoticed for a week or so.  Small miracles.

My 18yo daughter has taken pity on me.  Bless the child.

 I am going back to sleep. 

11 thoughts on “Moms Aren’t Supposed to Get Sick.

  1. Doggone it! I hope you feel better soon. Colds suck . . .or blow . . .or both I guess.

    Not to sound like an ad but when I get a cold I take Advil Cold and Sinus. It gets rid of my headache and makes me feel much better faster. You have to sign for it in California. But it works like a CHARM. And since I lost my charm bracelet and all my charms with it, I just take Advil Cold and Sinus! 🙂 Feel better soon Lizzie!

    1. Thanks – hahaha they suck and blow! you would be a great spokesperson if I ever make a brand I am hiring you!! I had some generic crap left over today but I am getting some Advil shortly with my chicken soup and matzo balls. Between you and El Guapo I should be right as rain by tomorrow….
      Pea achoo!ce 🙂

    1. Hahahahaha Don’t ya love it? I’m amazed at how kids react to things Mom being sick. At first I thought it was because young children aren’t able to process – mom is sick – last week I was sick, I felt yucky, therefore mom must feel yucky, but now I think it’s just plain denial. Thanks for the get well wishes 🙂

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