I think I am Shiny – The Kreativ Blogger Award

I have been blogging along at a fairly steady pace these past few weeks since Thanksgiving.  Somewhere around there.  I would have to check my calendar to be sure and I am absolutely overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas for future dissertations.  Christmas time has provided an idea rich environment to say the least.   I have also forgotten enough to have a post a day for a month or two but I think I am doing ok.

Things have kind of formed into somewhat of a routine which is nice for me – the biggest problem is the one weekly feature that I implemented to assist my incorporation of structure .  There is a lot to be said for the saying

Start as you mean to go

Well I learned a while ago this little nugget of wisdom and – we know how I like my nuggets to make sense and apply to my daily life – just means don’t start something one way and then try to change it.  OR  the Lizziecracked interpretation;  Don’t start it half ass just because you procrastinated and then expect you will ever do it different when you figure it out.  No matter the desire          to change once I start that’s how I go.    That is how it works out for me.  It’s true.

I was going to work on Happy Talk all week so all I had to do was tie it up before I posted it on Saturday morning.  For every Saturday. Yea it hasn’t worked out that way but I’m coping  and  working it fairly well. That is one of the reasons, as I mentioned in my original idea post, I decided,  against good blogging  advice, to do a Saturday morning special.  A little breathing room.  How creative was that thinking?  Thank you.

Speaking of creative  – except with a K  and no e, I was tickled all kinds of coolness to open my comments the other day and find that Jacqueline, author of the blog maturestudenthanginginthere  has deemed me worthy of The Kreativ  Blogger Award.  I am truly honored to be recognized as worthy of this award and to choose 6 others that I think are Kreativ Bloggers to be awarded as well.

As with the Versatile Blogger Award, there are requirements which are as follows;

  • 10 things about me you don’t know
  • name 6 other bloggers to receive this award

Ok that’s reasonable.

Thanks Jacqueline!

Here are 10 random fun facts about me.  Goodness this is getting revealing and harder to find things you may not already know.

  1. I will sing randomly – whether I hear a song on the radio or in the store or you say something to me that reminds me of a song – it’s ON!
  2. If I could go back to any age I wanted to  from birth to now, I would go to 40.  Yeah, 40.
  3. I joined the Army because I was bored.  The recruiters called for my brother first.,  When I informed them he was away at college the attention was immediately focused on me – I did look at the other branches but came back to the Army being my best choice because I wasn’t going to have to cut my hair (and  I didn’t until after I got out -) and  Green was the best color for me.  Also, the Navy wore bell bottoms – The Marines were scary and the Air Force, well the Army recruiters convinced me I needed more of a challenge.  They really are good those recruiter guys – sell the balls off a milk cow to meet their quota they could.
  4. My ex’s  lawyer, in the motion for something or other she filed,  stated that I had been trained in psychological warfare while in the military and deployed the tactics of such against DH  to make him act like a sociopath even though he (of course) wasn’t.   (the extent of my psychological warfare training ?  I was an Army Cook.  – I so feel a post coming from this! )
  5. I clean my ears out with Q-Tips daily because I like the feeling.
  6. I can not sleep without a blanket over me but I have to stick my feet out.
  7. If every rule has an exception, more than likely,  I am the exception and not the rule.
  8. I am pretty low maintenance  and can get ready to go somewhere in roughly the same amount of time as a guy.   And still look like a woman.   This is largely based on motivation.  As I grow older, it is harder to pull off.
  9. I want to be a writer when I grow up.  I just don’t want to grow up.  Maybe if I was a writer I would but then I would have to adjust my point of view which might affect my writing – screw it  – I wanna be a writer (a writer that gets paid) and never grow up.  So there!
  10. I had a way better memory when I drank.  Maybe I just tried harder.

Ok so that’s that.  Now to the bloggers I think deserve to have the Creative – with a K – Blogger Award.

Folks I gotta tell you, when I did the list for the Versatile Blogger Award, I had a hard time coming up with 15  (is that right?) for various reasons.  I was newer then so did not have the plethora of blogs to choose from that I do now.   Well I did really but had not acquainted myself with many of them.  I was completely flying by the seat of my pants.  When I first got the award, I thought it was a ..um a joke.  I mean what did I know?

Now I will have a hard time only picking 6.  I have found such a great group of people and blogs that I enjoy immensely, and am hard pressed to limit myself.  But,  I suppose it is part of the nature of an award that you can’t choose everybody.

So here it is – oh come on! You knew I would get to it soon or later and I did 🙂 The question is I suppose, is it sooner or later? And which camp do you fall in ?   I did check through quickly to try to avoid repeats but if I have indeed done so, my apologies.

  1. El Guapo – Guapola You can not go there and then stay away.  El Guapo makes being pointless on the internet,  with music no less – an art form.  An aspiration.   From opinions to short stories,  poetry and polls – (all with music too -in the form of videos ) a  wonderful insight and sense of humor very creatively delivered.  All with an islandy flair and  “yea I’m all good with that” attitude that belie his above the average bear  intelligence and  depth of feeling.   What he does is not possible without it.   He absolutely had me hooked when he knew The Motorcycle Song –  I have been a loyal fan ever since.   El Guapo  ROCKS  the Awesome Coolness with Beyond Creative  Aplomb and I’d be happy to let him buy me a beer.  🙄  I’m teasing – I would be honored to buy him a beer  ( or 3) and shoot the shit for a while.
  2. Linda Vernon – Linda Vernon Humor -This  lady is my BBFF (best blogging friend forEVER )  who I would gladly give my last cup of coffee to – No not the cup that has sat there on the burner all morning,  my literal last cup.  Yea, like that.   She  has been an inspiration to me since the day I got here or pretty damn close.  She is the first person to ever comment on my blog, subscribe to my blog and welcome me to this wonderful community of blogginess.  BUT I am giving the award to her because she and her brain Peanuts are delightful and she blogs about subjects of all kinds with great humor and diversity of style…and THAT is pretty damn creative if you ask me (which you did kinda) She takes things seemingly mundane and puts a twist on them to have you laughing sometimes all day. (true story)  Leaving your daily routine minty, not mediciney.  That’s a fact friends
  3. Amor24 – Amor’s Thoughts   – I have only become recently acquainted with this blog and it’s wonderfully funny author.  In perusing past posts I have found him to be witty,  side-splitting, ,bladder leaking funny as well as thoughtful, intelligent and open-minded.  Along with unapologetically shocking sometimes  which  I can dig a hundred or more ways.  There have been several posts that when I began visiting I really had to go and make sure he was a he because well… he gets it.  The man /woman thing, life in general .  Not to be mistaken for he writes like a girl,  you will see what I mean when you see it.   Not many do it so well and um….creatively but he  makes it work without compromising.  Or fear as far as I can tell.    I don’t think anything is off-limits (is it?) and I have not been able to stop myself from near stalker status – um.. exuberance, which is a crazy little thing for me.  Sarcasm – (a past time in my family remember) is on point and delivered with the maximum effectiveness and to do that and not be offensive – is creative.  Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration – 100% Amor24.  
  4. LaFemme Roar This Chick is Ca-Ra-Zy Cool, (coolness kind of crazy)  for one and funny for two.  These two traits equal creative any way you read it.,    Wicked wit and the ability to use it, she waxes unique (read creative) on all manner of things that appeal to so many of us.  She has started the Crazy Chicks Club, The Bad Ass Dudes Club and The Crazy Freaks Club on her blog over there and I could easily park it for awhile and get lost in what she is saying.  How could I not completely love a place that has A Crazy Chick’s Club?  I mean c’mon right?  Like the others here on this list, her comments are often as great as her posts.  For going above just blogging and all her other attributes I am giving her The Kreativ  Blogger Award.  Laughing at the malfunction of the universe instead of crying about it.  Hell yea all day long.
  5. William Lawson – Ciderpress  Creative is the best word I know for him and his blog – not the only word assuredly.  He has a way with words and pictures that makes you think and laugh and think some more.  Even in comments he is a master at nonsense  that makes sense if you take the time to see what it’s all about.  Impulsive,  abstract, odd, insightful, clever, funny as shit,  this man and his blog are a perfect example of Kreative Blogging as I understand it.  Go take a look and tell me I am wrong.   I won’t hold my breath because you won’t be able to.  His ability to play with and manipulate words is truly admirable.  He hasn’t been posting much lately but there is plenty there to keep you occupied.  Sunrise – Sunset, It’s all in how you look at it
  6. Harnew – Futuristically Yours.  For my last nomination I am going to go with someone who I have not much knowledge of yet other than I have read here and there and my interest is piqued but the concept behind his blog is creative all day long.  I have not come across anything like it .  He writes letters from his future self – Har-new, to his present self Har –  old.  As if that isn’t a cool concept that could stand alone, he invites readers to participate and has a number of other authors that do the same.  I can’t tell you much more except it is really neat and you should check it out and this is the perfect kind of award for him – I think.  You are the Future! 
And so the end of another list.  There are a couple of others I would have liked to include and just because I didn’t doesn’t mean I don’t love you .  We have all come here to achieve something.  And we have all achieved something just by being here.
We will undoubtedly all have our season in the sun.  If it doesn’t end up being this season,  you still have it in you to shine.  
Mr. Sunshine (2011 TV series)

15 thoughts on “I think I am Shiny – The Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Fantastic – you are Shiny end Sparkly – but in a cool way (not that wtf vampire way)!
    And thank you!
    As far as the drink, love to – but I say we just throw our money in a pile then drink until it’s gone. Then find someone else to refill it.
    And I’m the same way with the blankets.

    Rock on, lizziecracked!

    1. this is the fourth time I am responding to you El Guapo- didn’t this happen before? well guess what? I figured it out it was the kitten. Yes! The kitten my 16 yo brought home that is tangled up in my hair nd keeps walking over the keyboard – ok – let’s put our money in a pile that sounds like more fun and I am so glad I am not shiny and sparkly in a wtf vampire way….

  2. Lizzie, I do have tears in my eyes right now! Your kind, sweet words mean the world to me. Thank you so much And to be nominated for the Kreativ Award too . . well BBFF really says it all!

    And I loved this post. I have been very curious since I first read about you being in the army and I knew sooner or later I’d get to find out the details. Which I LOVED! Now you have to watch the movie, Private Benjiman with Goldie Hawn if you’ve never seen it! I defintely can’t wait hearing about all your experiences in the service and everywhere else for that matter.

    And OMG your ex’s lawyer! Talk about real life being stranger and funnier than fiction! Oh Lizzie, your the best. 🙂 That’s all there is to it. Love you! 🙂

    1. Linda, You deserve the Kreativ Blogger Award. I love seeing what you will write about what topic. I laugh (as you know) so much at your witty spin on things that I would never have seen in the light you put them in. Thats the neat thing about meeting others and reading their blogs – it is like a platform to a whole different train of thought.

      I have been very slowly coming around to the idea of doing a post about my experience in the military – I am proud to say I served my country but I don’t talk about it too much.
      Yes, I shit you not, my ex DH lawyer had way too much time on her hands I think Maybe this next year will bring some of the things I haven’t shared so openly.
      I loved the movie Private Benjiman – haven’t seen it in ages maybe I will watch it again soon. It’s a double edge sword because it makes a mockery of women in the military but so in a way does movies like GI Jane – I mean c’mon! At least with Goldie Hawn you know it will be laughable… Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
      🙂 Peace

  3. Thank you for including in your list of nominees! I do think that I’m creative crazy … hell in this malfunctioning universe you’ve got to be able to laugh at the chaos while making something out of nothing considering the dire straits of our economy. Yup I’m a crafter, a knitter, a weaver of words and I live in an alter reality. BTW love the idea that you chose the Army ’cause the uniforms made better fashion sense lmao!!!!!!

    Also I’m with you on bell bottoms … bootlegs yeah, but bell bottoms are too dated.

    1. You are quite welcome – all that you are is why you earned it! I think they have the bell bottoms so they can take their pants off in the water and use them as a floatation device – so not for me. The n the water part.

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