My People, Your People, Why I Blog and My Comment to a Friend that Became a Post.

This post was not planned, but inspired.  To understand where I am coming from you should probably read the post that inspired it. Written yesterday by Amor24 of Amor’s Thoughts.

Why Blog

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog and Amor24’s  wit, intelligence and point of view have delighted me.  I almost peed my pants on more than one occasion.  Good Stuff I tell you.  I was going to include  him in my Saturday morning Happy Talk from The Coffee Spotfor this week in the new section of Blogs I Like and the Bloggers that Blog Them,   BUT after reading this post and the initial comment and response, I found myself compelled to comment again and when I was about to hit POST I realized it was longer than I thought even when I joked about the length in the comment itself.

I have no idea about whether it is acceptable to post a comment of such length in the comments.  I usually just concentrate on not being an ass or talking out of mine too much.  The acceptableness is not really all that important to me except that I am afraid if I make a habit out of things that just aren’t accepted,  I might get banned or something ridiculous like that.  Irrational fear based on an invalid belief.

But more than that, it makes no sense to act in antisocial ways if the point you are trying to make is that you are indeed capable and worthy of social acceptance now does it?  Or rather, that the affliction that I and so many others  have, is not really the scary monster under the bed that everybody is terrified of because they can’t see it.  They are afraid only because they know it is there and hear stories of what it is capable of.  Sadly, it is the bad stories that get repeated and often exaggerated.

The scary named monster is not scary all the time.  And for the most part, while it is not completely harmless, and is capable of causing hurt and misery,  it is not evil and has good in it equal to the bad.  It’s Bipolar people, that means opposite which implies that if it is bad, it is also good.    I am proof.  And that is why I have come to be a blogger.

 So whether I would do it (post a lengthy – really lengthy comment in case I lost any of you…..I know  I had to stop for a minute and discern what I was referring to ) just because I have gotten to the point of I am ok with who I am and not apologizing for itor because I think he would be ok with it does not matter.  I have a higher purpose that I wasn’t even truly set on until the question was posed –  Why Blog?

This is a "thought bubble". It is an...

Cracked and ridiculous some times, ok most of the time –  I am a good person, with a bad illness.  My people are widely misunderstood and ostracized.  We didn’t ask to be of the bipolar sort.  The bottom line, and the most important thing is that  being the bipolar sort does not mean we are not of the human sort.  The human condition belongs to us all no matter what makes us different and we all deserve to share in the good things that humans are capable of.  Love, laughter, acceptance, companionship, friends, connection with others, and of course Love.  Yes I know I said it twice.  Being different should not be a life sentence of being an outcast.  Even if The Island of Misfit Toys seems like a nice place, everybody wants to know they are accepted.  Mother Teresa said;

One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody

What if you had that disease? How would you feel?  Nobody should ever have to know.  It is preventable  – the vaccine is awareness.  I didn’t start this blog to be about being bipolar.  I just wanted to speak my mind and be myself, get into my no apology mode because I wasn’t all that comfortable with it yet.  I wanted an outlet for my thoughts, a place to vent my irks and honestly I wanted to see if I could do it.  And if while doing it I could make someone laugh.  The last being a curiosity I wanted to satisfy for ages but did not have the proper place to do it.

Blogging has made it possible for those of us who, before it’s existence, may have had something to say and the ability to say it  but no place to do it, to announce our presence – with authority if needed.  To be heard regardless of education, formal training or even sometimes ability.  It is my opinion that there is a wanna be author of some sort of masterpiece in most of us, surely all that are here.  Those of us that have public blogs must have a bit of desire to entertain, educate and  inform, as well as a strong desire to share and connect.   Tell me I am wrong.  …...huh?  huh?  anyone? 

We all have something to say and blogging has given us the soapbox.

Brevity is not one of my strong suits.  I have a lot to say when I have something to say.  Occasionally, I can make my point in a succinct fashion.  I can certainly comment but not opinionate  (another reason I blog – I can make up my own words) in fewer words, I admire those that can.  Twitter is so out of my realm of possible success

When it comes to commenting, length, randomness, sarcasm, humor, all are dependent on the time of day and how much sleep I have had, at the very least.  But I never want to be rude, if indeed it is a faux pas to post a comment the length of a short post no matter how much I want to just do it, I will not.  Not often.  I might have already who knows but today it just felt funny. And I have never gone as far as I almost did today – I am talking 400 words for a comment, so do you get my point?

Thinking about the conundrum from my point of view, I wouldn’t mind it on my blog, and I am going to venture to say Amor24 would have been good-humored about it. But in pondering the problem, I realized I could answer his question and share with all of you without the slightest worry of annoyance.  I mean the comment to a post answer just brings it all together so nicely – I love it when that happens.  

His post moved me.   It told me that someone is listening and thinking about what I am saying.  Plus it was just super cool awesomeness just because……

My original comment was  answered, It’s all right there in the comment section so I won’t repost it here.  (I really am wanting to keep the word count as low as possible….right.) 

Here is my reply, that inspired a post.  Except it wasn’t really the reply, it was the author of the post and what he did that truly inspired me.

Thank you 🙂  I really am …I mean ..yea I said all that lol but considering that one of the reasons I am here blogging my heart out is for awareness and to show people who  – bipolar illness does not make someone  – unlovable – unworthy – a monster – scary – ahhhhh!  My heart grew 2 sizes when I read your post.  See I am here to show myself these things too – to come to terms with the fact that I am mentally ill.  Oh boy.  But it isn’t just all in my head – a chemical imbalance that affects my moods but I didn’t ask for it cause it or deserve it.  And it makes it harder to have “normal” relationships but why is that bad?  Not normal does not equal bad.  As in everything, if there is a bad side then there must be a good side.  I came here to prove it to myself and others.  You had a limiting belief – and although you are right about the nature of the beast – if I am seen as a real human with the same needs desires feelings hopes etc just a little bigger harder faster deeper and sometimes awfully inappropriate – oh Jeez I just can’t help myself you know – then Unpredictable Bipolar Chick –  Run Away! becomes – Never Boring and Coolness Personified,   (I know my humbleness amuses you and I so enjoy coming up with this stuff)  i.e. by seeing me as a person rather than an illness/label/stigma you have changed your limiting belief and opened your mind, heart, blog to…. the utter coolness of me? …..ok what I was reallly gonna say was –  to the possibilities.  

A perfect example – you thought steer clear because bipolar people are unpredictable – and while you don’t know what I am going to do per say, I bet you aren’t at all surprised that I once again have mini posted on your blog.  No surprise there eh? Unpredictable? I think not so much – you know I can be a pain in the ass. I answered your question – why I blog and you my friend have made it worth it!  You  have opened the door for my people to talk to your people and   – we are all people in the end.  🙂 Peace

We are all people in the end.                                      

English: The re-drawing of the comment by usin...

~Lizzie Cracked (not broken)

12 thoughts on “My People, Your People, Why I Blog and My Comment to a Friend that Became a Post.

  1. O darn it! Someone clicked LIKE before me 😦 bummer!

    OK OK. Get over yourself dude. Lizzie if there is a rule about having mini posts as comments, then kdaddy broke it several times over LOL. Brevity is definitely not one of your strong suits and I bet you didn’t even realise that you succinctly summed up what I was trying to say in my post with this paragraph

    “Blogging has made it possible for those of us who, before it’s existence, may have had something to say and the ability to say it but no place to do it, to announce our presence – with authority if needed. To be heard regardless of education, formal training or even sometimes ability. It is my opinion that there is a wanna be author of some sort of masterpiece in most of us, surely all that are here. Those of us that have public blogs must have a bit of desire to entertain, educate and inform, as well as a strong desire to share and connect.”

    Blogging is uber fun. I’m elated right now just responding to this post (and thinking of the traffic that my blog in the morning when people read this post ;)) Oh crap, this comment is getting longer than expec … aofjoafjpoafosaf … sorry that was me dozing off. I think I need to go to bed.

    Well Lizzie … opjoprfhwsfoi … until later, keep up the good work.

    Peace 🙂
    P.S. I think I just broke the mini post in comments rule 🙂

    1. Lol – Dude! Did you just mini post on my comment section? Out STANDING!!!!!

      It’s ok you did click it first – I know you like it best AND I did NOT realize that I succinctly summed it up….. 😛
      ok I am going to keep the comments on your post going for a week – till the end of the year – ya with me? Wow I’m loopy….Today will bring more to you maybe? But not if I don’t get on it…yeah ok. 😉

    1. Share the wealth that’s what I always say – my words are my riches and you are welcome to stay as long as you want to. I am a fairly new somewhat untested potential – oh wait I ‘ve been abused that didn’t work out for me – what I am trying to say is… is ok I hope I only have good things to share & I don’t think you will need rehab. 🙂

  2. “The scary named monster is not scary all the time”
    The scary comes and goes (really, I have to scramble to the Coffee Spot to snag a donut before you get them all – scary!), but I ain’t never seen no monster here at all.

    You are the best lizziecraccked there ever was, ever will be, ever could be.
    Besides, the Queen of Christmas Cookies could never be anything less.
    Because she has something special…a certain… je ne sais quoi to her.
    Rock. Effin’. On.

    1. Donuts Donuts Donuts!!!! 😈 The Donut Downer – kin to the cookie monster. Cuter. But grumpier.
      Thanks El Guapo. My words are not doing it today – but I appreciate yours immensely. 🙂

  3. Lizzie you are perfect just the way you are. God knows what he’s doing, although it doesn’t always seem like it lol! You’ve enriched my life with your blog. So you just keep blogging away. You’ve got lots and lots of thoughts to get out there and we are all enjoying the heck out of them too! You Effing Rock, Lizzie Cracked!

    1. I can keep on. I am seriously about choked up here cause I can feel the love and I can’t use the words – like I told El Guapo -& I don’t want to use my inside voice either.
      I used to think God just had a sick sense of humor. I mean how can it make any sense and not just about Mental Illness about a whole lot – but in relation to my specific crackedness 😉 I don’t think it was Him that made it bad…. Now, I think God has a sick sense of humor but I don’t feel like the butt of the joke anymore. I wouldn’t leave now if I got paid to. Well…if it was a LOT – hahahahahahahahahahaaa 🙂

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