Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot 12/17

Oh! Goomdkrjph…um..

Hi!  Sorry, my mouth was full.  No not donuts.  Today I brought  Cookies!  Go figure.  But they go great with coffee too ya know and although nothing ever will top the happiness factor of a donut – cookies, Christmas cookies come pretty darn close.  I love donuts.

So what do you think of the coffee mugs?  Are they just neato nifty or WHAT?  I want to know what your take is because I am going to start making them available right there next to the donuts. I think I will give them away.  Yeah free, with a donation appreciated.  I really hate that.  Get all excited cause it’s free and it is but you just feel like a smuck if you don’t donate right?

I do understand it though.  Not everybody is Oprah, in fact, nobody is Oprah so the big giveaway is never gonna happen if I ever do my favorite things.  Not even the little giveaway.

I so wish I coud get on that show though.  Man she gives away the coolest things.  One year she gave everyone a refrigerator that had a tv in the door.  Yeah, I’m cool enough to do it, but not even close to rich.  I have yet to figure out the catch.  Nothing is really free but please someone tell me what the price of going to that show (besides the obvious cost to travel because you don’t know that it is THE show until you get there, therefore you would have spent the money anyways and thus, the stuff is free.  Right?

So I would have to ask for a donation, to cover some expenses and feed my kids and have heat all winter but I will give them away free.  Noooo pressure.  

Just let me know if you want to see them in other colors.  And how many you want 🙂

Today’s Music Selection:  

First of all, I had a really hard time knowing what to do today.  I figure it’s only a week until Christmas so why not break out the  Holiday music.  Then I thought well it’s a week until Christmas maybe we need a break for a few minutes.  So I did one of each…ok I did 2 Christmas ones and a non-holiday one.  I broke the Christmas list into two because it was long.  I decided I am ok with that because …well you know it’s only Christmas once a year.  If I had planned better I could have probably done it into 4 playlists but hey, you are lucky you get anything at all.  

Oh that sounded kind of snotty I’m  sorry.  Just warming up for next week.  It is the #1 best response to any smallish person complaining about something they got.  Especially if it can’t be exchanged or returned or is from a distant relative and you can’t make any sense out of it at all.  Kids are pretty honest about how they feel about gifts until we teach them that it’s rude to answer truthfully when they don’t like it.  It’s also good for when you are out of patience.  Anyways,  I say t in the most loving way I assure you.  🙂

The first Christmas list is some songs that I remember very well from my childhood.  I remember them so well that once my kids were born, I made sure that I had them in my collection of Christmas music.  I also thought they were rather pertinent to the past week.

Christmas List #1 – Songs I remember  from my childhood.     

The second Christmas list is just some of my very favorite Christmas songs, many from years ago too and I know there is a lot of John Denver in there but well, my Mom liked John Denver, John Denver sings Christmas songs and Christmas and my Mom go hand in hand.  It’s kind of like six degrees of separation.  Only that is three.

Christmas List #2 – Some of my all time favorite -it isn’t Christmas if I don’t hear them –  songs.  

The third list is non Christmas and just what I was feeling.   Maybe the nostalgic mood of the Christmas tunes carried over.  It’s funny how music can take us back to the times of our life when it was part of the soundtrack.  One of these days I am going to do a playlist of my life.  I should probably get going on that since we are talking about 4 decades … damn.

Non-Christmas List #3 – The music moving me this week.  

So, our music portion was way more involved than usual today.. but it is my gift to you.  A labor of love not as yummy as cookies but you can actually taste it instead of just see pictures.  Fully enjoy it.  I am going to list the songs on each list at the end for you so if you are curious what is on each list before you click, just scroll down.**

Moving on –

The Week in Review:

I wish I could share the things I think as I move through the segments.  Well I guess I can share but you can’t hear it and the full effect is kinda lost.  It might just leave you with a kinda huh? feeling or a fleeting thought of Lizzie has really gone cracked in a  nutty way now…  But because I brought it up,  I am hearing some cheesy lead in music.  See?  Huh?

  • Once again thank you to Linda Vernon and El Guapo for using the word of the week.  It just warms my heart and this week although you both used it responsibly,  and well, El Guapo’s creative depiction was rockin’ good and takes the cake… or donut if that is better for you. Would be for me.  I wish I had some cool prizes but you might have noticed that at the very least you get a shout out every week…  Just saying.  😉
  • The week started out with the Tale of Christmas Cookies Past and  the fall of the Queen of the Christmas Cookies.   It was an emotional undertaking truth be told.  Sometimes it is easy to take it for granted that the beliefs we always held about ourselves and the world around us are solid no matter how our actions change.  I never stopped to think that by not doing what I did so grandly at Christmas time for years my younger kids would have no idea of those things I used to do.
  • The Weekly Photo Challenge was a tough one for me.  But after a brilliant comeback of Christmas Cookie Queen, Celebration was in order!  Thank you for all you kind compliments, they tasted pretty darn good.  I wish that you could send stuff through the computer like Willy Wonka did with the chocolate bar and  t.v. How friggin’ cool would that be?
  • I am a little bit on emotional overload during the holidays – this year has been more of a rollercoaster.  Sometime during the 80th ride on the kinda crazy track I was thinking about Self Help books and although I am not sure about what exactly, unless is was going to get a new one, I ended up at Self Help Books Suck.  I am a firm believer you should give your parents a break and no matter what they did or didn’t do, they did it with love and you can’t use them as an excuse when you are 40.  Or 20 for that matter.  Most people probably aren’t at the it’s my parents’ fault stage at 20 because they aren’t really sure what IT is.  But once IT is clearly defined,  and you have a few minutes to work through it’s lingering effects,  blaming your parents is just a crappy way to hold  mediocrity and failure.  Own it and you will be amazed at the change in your outlook.   Just saying.
  • My Mean Streak came out to play a little but in a nice way.  In fact I was very happy with the results.  My Mean Streak will be well rested and in top form after the holiday season.  Hopefully I can keep it from going to the (too) dark side.  After the holidays is such a let down for me.  Bleh.
  • Finally, I just had to share some of the very creative search terms that brought my blog up in the search results.   Have you ever heard the expression “well color me <insert descriptive word like happy here>!”  Yea it’s like that – Well Google Me Naked!  I glance at them nearly everyday but I never really put them together, even when I started to see  funny, in an odd way like  – naked elfs on crack.  Noooo I am kidding that wasn’t one unless it was the one that was undefined.  Undefined?  What does that mean?  I could drive myself crazy wondering about these things.  Oh wait…  I guess I will think away 🙂
That should put the week under wraps.  What a fun and informative one it was.  Next week I am going to add a section to tell you about the blogs I like and the bloggers that blog them.  And a section called – Shit I should a told ya but I forgot to and stuff that is still unresolved.  
In that particular category today I want to remind you (and me);
  • that the question of a name for My Mean Streak is still floating around so I added a poll below for your input.  Just keep in mind that I have to use it when I write about it so let’s not make it too unrecognizable for the folks at home just now, or at a later date, joining us.  Although I must say I am really partial to the ninja like appeal of the not so obvious.
  • If anybody noticed that it is snowing on my blog and thinks I must be just bursting with the coolness to make it so and you wish it would snow on yours too….go to your general settings, there is a button at the bottom that says – make it snow until Jan 4 – or something like that, I mean you will know it when you see it.  Click it and Voila! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Or..winter.
  • The official theme song for the Crazy Freaks Club has been Announced!!  What..you think I am going to tell?  Click the link 🙂
  • Coming soon….the Awkward moment feature.  Probably in 2012 ( how’s that for leaving it w i d e open? ) so start thinking of those great awkward moments.
Word of the Week 

I thought with all that is going on with the holidays I would keep it simple and a little humorous.  I found the perfect fit.

The word of the week is:

waggish :  adj.  witty or joking

And it looks like the time has come to say goodbye until next week, (and again, cheesy music like the Mickey Mouse Club um..the OLD one with Annette.  M-I-C  see ya real soon, K-E-Y Why? Because we like you! M-O-U-S-E.  Make it STOP!!)

A thought before I go

A 5 oz sparrow can not carry a 1 lb coconut                                    (~ from Monty Python the Holy Grail)

Keep your expectations realistic, understand the strength in knowing your weakness, and your dreams will have no limits.

Have a wonderful week!

~Lizzie Cracked (not broken)

** playlists ( if they aren’t here yet it’s because I am working on them.  They will be posted shortly go ahead and click that bad boy playlist link – click all three – live on the edge 🙂

List #1 

  1. Christmas Cookies – George Strait
  2. Mr. Grinch – 
  3. Silver and Gold from Rudolph – Burl Ives
  4. Holly Jolly Christmas – Burl Ives
  5. Island of Misfit Toys – Rudolph (the tv show)
  6. Snow Miser / Heat Miser – Sing Along
  7. John Denver & The Muppets – 12 Days of Christmas
  8. Meli Kelikimaki – Bing Cosby
  9. I’m Gettin Nuttin for Christmas – Barry Bordon
  10. Please Daddy Don’t get Drunk this Xmas – John Denver

10 thoughts on “Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot 12/17

  1. Ah, another fine morning at the Coffee Spot.
    I can’t come up with a sentence for waggish that doesn’t feel forced, so I’ll concoct one and either use it in a post, or come back here with it.
    I do have one question – did you mean an African swallow or a European? (think before you answer, or you’ll fall off the bridge!)

    1. If you use it in a post most definitely – oh hey I was gonna say link it but it would be more fun to see if I can find it. I mean – right? Wow I am a little on the easy side today. Um easily amused.
      Bring me a shrubbery! It is a sure sign of coolness in extreme levels to identify as a Monty Python Holy Grail – fan. Somehow I just knew you would be one. And I don’t

      I bet that isn’t going to look anything like I wanted it to….
      🙂 Peace

  2. Wow! The coffee mugs are so cool. How did you do that? I’ve decided to make Coffee Talk and the Happy Spot my official sunday paper. Since I don’t take the paper anymore (Does anybody I wonder?)

    “My dog is waggish but not just because he wags his tail but because he tells me good jokes while he does so!”

    I agree it was a fun week. So much to read and think about!! 🙂

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