Well Google Me Naked! (with scissors)

The Naked Truth (1957 film)

I was exploring the stats page today and found the most interesting thing.

Really I was stalling on what I was supposed to be doing, trying to get focused and you will never guess what happened?  Yeah a butterfly. But I learned something and got a good laugh too.

On your stats page you have a place that shows you search terms used to bring people to your blog.  What caught my eye and I have noticed lately, was the term naked.  

Oh come on, that would catch anybody’s eye.  You would look too.

Anyways, I clicked on the little this week link and then expanded it further.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before but you can be sure I will be checking it out regularly now.

And of course, I wanted to share with you all.

Here for your enjoyment is a shortened list of search terms that will lead you to my blog.  

  • naked santa clause
    naked truth
    we like to go naked tupes
    angry birds underpants
    running naked with scissors dog balls
    all were naked
    the joy of swimming naked
    naked at the window pic
    the fun of being naked
    adoration of the nudity
    naked scissors
    mental disorder being naked
    bipolar disorder naked
    http://www.coffee & bitch talk
    i pick my nose constantly its dry and painful
    scissors of mental disorders
    picking my sores on my skin
    bipolar up
    naked family photos
    brought outside naked
    passive aggressive meanness
    nude santa Claus
    word images for bipolar disorder
    running with scissors nude photos
    is there naked bitch in turkey
    elfs running naked
    nude christmas cookie baking
    elfcapades christmas elf
    family naked photo
    naked santa clauses
    naked wonder 

So there you have it folks, if you ever need to find me, Google me.  Naked or Bipolar with scissors.  And if that doesn’t get you here you could try something else like;

naked nose picking with scissors

That will get you here for sure.

English: blue scissors Español: tijeras azules
Image via Wikipedia

16 thoughts on “Well Google Me Naked! (with scissors)

    1. Such a cheeky fellow…. that should have brought up my picture – wait that would be naked nose pickER scissors…. tell me, are there scissors for picking your nose while naked? Now I am going to Google it! I just HAVE to!
      🙂 Peace

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