Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot 12/10

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Good Morning and where are the donuts?  Oh, was it my turn to bring donuts?  Really?  Crap.  Well at least there is coffee.  It is The Coffee Spot not The Donut Spot.  Although The Coffee and Donut Spot would make more sense.  I mean they go hand in hand right?  Incessant chatter to cover the awkward moment of forgetting the donuts.  On to better things.

Not that you can get much better than donuts.  Really.  If you can I’d be happy to hear it.  Happy to talk about it too.  Oh I’m crazy on it this morning for sure.

I do have music as promised.  Just a short list of selections for your enjoyment.

Here’s the Whole Playlist for Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot 12/10

After Putting my selections separately I figured out how to make a playlist which I also added and in the future I think I may just list the song titles and make a playlist link.  I am just learning all kinds of new fun things! Next week I may have to crack out the Christmas tunes.

Kind of a mix of Nostalgia and traveling songs and missing people and the weather.  A recap of my week in music.  For the most part.  Not included are the songs I chose for the Crazy Freaks Club that are up for a vote.  I’m not sure how long the polls will be open so no lolly-gagging – go check it out and cast your vote.

Here’s The Week in Review:

  • Our friendly  fellow blogger El Guapo had a Birthday!  I missed it 😦 and I feel bad but I can mention it now cause – well it’s my Happy Talk and I just can.  Happy Birthday!!!  And besides we all know that after 25 – 26 unless it’s a milestone like 30, 40, 50, we really don’t bother too much so adding an extra Happy shout out never hurts our inner child.
  • Two of you wonderful Happy Talk followers used the word of the week successfully and well.   El Guapo and Linda Vernon – thanks for playing.  All I can give you this week is a …  🙂  smile! ?  But keep up the good work and we shall see what comes.  I know that for me at least this first word was a successful addition to my vocabulary because we discussed the finer points of noun and adjective and all that stuff.  Kinda helps it stick.  Don’t ya think?
  • Text Etiquette – well I wasn’t too prolific on posting this week although I had a lot to say.  The point of this was just to point out that texting does not excuse us from manners.  There is still another person on the other end of the conversation and if we all keep that in mind, well it shouldn’t be an issue.  Right?  Yes I posted rules but I have no authority to make them stick – except that you think I’m a pretty cool cracked chick and I carry scissors – naked so yea… just suggestions along with a few anecdotes that illustrated the point.
  • That post stimulated a post by William Lawson of Ciderpress of his own text related musings.  I admire his way with words so I was quite pleased and much appreciative.
  • My Mean Streak didn’t make an appearance.  I think I hurt its feeling when I said no to presenting Text Etiquette for a Meany point of view.  I’m not really sure.  Maybe it just needed a break.  I’ve pushed it pretty hard lately.  I did have a suggestion last week that I didn’t get a chance to discuss with you my dear readers.  It was suggested I give My Mean Streak a name and the name suggested was Special Sunshine.  I have mulled it over quite a bit and I have a couple of thoughts on the matter.  If taken at face value, I worry that it’s too happy and will undermine the power of My Mean Streak. Especially since for the most part it is a talker and not a doer.  However, I also thought well it would kind of give it a Ninja like quality which appeals to me.  With a name like Special Sunshine, the target of same would not expect anything mean and ther fore the element of stealth and surprise gives it a power that may be better than being outwardly badass.  I dunno.  Now one more thing that I recently pondered is that it comes from a humorous reply made to a passive-agressive dig and one I freely use if the need arises.  Someone stating to me how special they are while getting in a dig on me and I said with all the mean sweetness I could muster ” You ARE Special Sunshine”  followed by some remark about the short bus.  No t very PC so let’s focus on the Special Sunshine part.  It lends an air of Sarcasm to My Mean Streak – Is that good or bad?

Special Sunshine – yes special but really not sunshine – more of storm clouds brewing.  Discuss!   (Please?)

  • I cracked open my brain for a post on Awkward Moments….Yes Vagina, there is a Santa Clause.  well you should just go see for yourself because I know you want to know why I said Vagina and not Virginia.  Also I was quite pleased I could get some Christmas in there with the title and incorporated The Island of Misfit Toys from the Christmas classic Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  So it just all came together very nicely into a redeeming post -(redeeming because I didn’t have anything else much and thought it was going to be one of  THOSE weeks.  Instead it’s just one of  Those weeks. There is a difference trust me.
  • Oh and I am doing the Post a Week Photo Challenge so I have a pretty damn cute picture of my kids posted for last week’s theme of Waiting.  Of course I think it’s cute, they are my kids.  A small percentage of them anyways – almost half actually.  Truly though I was pleased with the result and had to write a little poem to accompany it.  Ok I am more than pleased with it.  I think it ROCKS.  Just saying…  🙂

I think that about wraps up the week.  I am sure I forgot something.  I always do but that must be part of my charm that keeps you coming back – not only what I have to say but what I may forget.  Never a dull moment here I tell you.  At least not for me.

Word of the Week:

Oh! before I forget. Real quick If you have contributed a word for Word of the Week, don’t fret if you don’t see it pop up right away.  I am keeping a list and it will get presented for sure,!  

The word of the week is:

Caesura        n.    1. a pause or interruption (as in a conversation) 2.  a break or pause (usually for sense) in the middle of a verse line. 

Go forth and use it wisely – creatively, whatever.

Hey look at the time.  Christmas is coming so I am sure you all have stuff to do. Thanks for joining me for some Happy Talk.   I have a great Christmas(y) week planned ahead so feel free to visit anytime!  Deck the Halls and Fa La La and all that.

A thought before I go

Keep track of your marbles.

You only get one set kind of like your teeth.  Once you lose them they are a bitch to find and while you may not be clear on why you even have them yet, I promise you, you will miss them and nobody much cares when you have lost your marbles.  Probably because they are too busy trying to find their own.

Have a wonderful week!!

~LizzieCracked (not broken)


8 thoughts on “Happy Talk from The Coffee Spot 12/10

  1. The only marble I have left is my ‘shooter.’ Except I don’t know where it is anymore. Still…I’m not quite ready to admit that I’ve lost all my marbles. I’m sure its here somewhere. Maybe hiding just under my thumb? If so, boy am I dumb?!

    Hey…thanks for the coffee…or was it a donut? Well, whatever…just let me know when ya send the bill. 😉


    P.S. How ’bout “Happy Fist?” (With a little smiley painted on the tip of its instantly-ready-to-erect middle finger.)

    1. Oh my I lost most of mine before I even knew they had a specific purpose. Occasionally I will see one or two rolling around on the floor but I hardly care to chase them anymore.
      Coffee and Donuts – when I don’t forget lol- are on me! At least until I am famous – no wait as soon as I am famous…yea well don’t worry bout the bill how bout them apples? Those may be a small extra fee – the apples-but we will see. Happy Fist hahahaha I like that too. I feel a poll coming on – hmmmmmmmm
      🙂 Peace

  2. Thanks for the shout out, LizzieCracked!
    Great playlist – very eclectic. I wonder if it is the first recorded example of John Denver and Pink Floyd in the same set?
    If so, congrats!
    Also like how you tied yesterday’s post of Awkward Moments with today’s forgetting the donuts faux pas.
    Did today’s word come from Eddie and the Cruisers?
    Although there’s nothing…………………………………………funny about forgetting donuts.

    *Editor’s note – the above gap is an example of Caesura. You’re welcome.

    1. Excellent way to illustrate caesura! I paused at first and then it dawned on me that maybe possibly…Yay! I don’t know where I got the word.. consciously anyways.
      I am not sure I am the best person to make play lists that make sense but hey what are ya gonna do? If it is the first one with John Denver and Pink Floyd I’, feeling pretty proud lol. No doubt you noticed the Motorcycle Song and I did take off several others cause it was just out of control. Like let’s make it Happy Music hour. Thanks for playing it makes my heart happy to have regular visitors and thoughtful participation.
      🙂 Peace

  3. I loved reading this. It reminds me of the coffee break section of the newspaper I always read every morning in days of old –when I still read got the paper. So many interesting ideas and observations! Interesting, funny and smart. (and I’m not saying that just because you were kind enough to mention my name haha!) My favorite this week was your Xmas pic with poem (Let’s just hope Santa’s suit is non flammable!) and of course Yes Vagina!

    I’m always happy to take a caesura from my day to read you’re blog.

    I’m off to check out some of the music links now! 🙂

    1. I used to love the repeat sections of the paper. I read Dear Abby and Dave Barry Religiously. Erma Bombeck was also a favorite of mine but I can’t remember if it was just her books I read or she had something in the paper. She would have been the best blogger. The picture of the kids waiting…and I just couldn’t help myslf with the poem. I wasn’t going to post it but, well that’s me. So there it is lol. I’m so glad I seem to be going in the right direction with the Happy Talk. I am definitely having fun. Thanks for your support. The music this week was nostalgic and a weird mix I’m sure to people who make play lists but I just put what struck my fancy.

      Nice use of the word this week. 🙂


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