Happy Talk at The Coffee Spot 12/3

So here we are it’s Saturday – I would say  “Good Morning”  but that eluded me somehow.

The actual morning.. not the ability to say it…  But I have my coffee and I am ready for some Happy Talk.  I feel like I should warm up with a little dance or happy jingle.   At the moment I’m drawing a blank though because I am still somewhat miffed that I did not get a donut.  I love donuts.

I need to have a Happy Talk theme song..not so much need as think it would be fun.  After contemplating this I think I am more inclined to provide a musical selection for the morning.  Much the same way that El Guapo of Guapola provides a daily music selection.  I really like that and he always chooses great music.  As you can see by the pretty blue color I linked to his blog.  You should definately check him out.  He’s funny, smart and gosh darn it, you just gotta like him.  Really.

I am disgusted with YouTube lately.  On my phone, in almost any playlist I have so painstakingly created for my enjoyment, roughly 70% of the selections aren’t available on mobile.  And grrrrrr.  I just don’t get it but what really has me scratching my head is that on the computer I put on a play list and when a particular selection comes up is says  – this video can only be viewed as a stand alone blah blah blah.  It skips over it.  I coud probably not get too upset if it’s just one but I have 4 in a row that do it.  What’s the friggin point of putting it in a playlist then and why can’t they tell you that when you save it?   Maybe some of you know what I am talking about and I am missing something but it just chaps my ass to want to hear something and have to deal with that.  Hooey Bunk.

BUT! – this is Happy Talk not Hooey Bunk so enough of that for now.  So of late I have been listening to Adele and that s who  I have cranking out right now.   Set Fire to the Rain.

Someone Like You is the first song I ever heard of hers and I heard it at a time in my life that it said everything.  It is like a new song every time I hear it.  The emotion in the music and her voice.  I am not kidding I could sit here and listen to it 100 times in a row and it still gets me.  So I have started checking out her other stuff and that’s what I am into right now.

Of course occasionally I think to myself and have mumbled it several times –

(just to avoid any confusion or possible misconstrued repercussions, what I am about to say is a generalization.  It is NOT specific to any YOU in particular.  So get your panties unbunched. )

Why would I want someone like you if didn’t work with you? 

I mean…the song aside  – if it didn’t work with you than someone like you doesn’t hold much hope unless I have had a lot of therapy or the Someone like You is the functional version..   Just Saying.  Feel free to comment…

I think I will work on a short playlist for your enjoyment every Saturday Morning during our Happy Talk time.  Starting Next week.  It’s starting to take shape folks just bare with me.  Hahaha yes I meant to spell it that way I was thinking naked and….allrighty then what’s next on the agenda that I don’t really have yet?

Week in Review: 

  • My Laptop died and Technology is a Bitch.  At first I chalked it up to shit just happens but I m starting to think it might be personal.
  • My Mean Streak taught us an important lesson about using humor as a weapon.  Upon reflection and a reader’s comment  that got me thinking, I have come to see it more as a defense mechanism than a weapon of destruction. Although I can see how it could be used to hurt someone pointedly, it loses its categorization as humor, because it isn’t funny anymore.  If it hurts someone it is just plain old mean.  Just cause one person thinks it’s funny does not make it true humor.  I might have to expand on this later this week.  Thoughts?
  • My blogging friend Linda Vernon had her Birthday and her 1 year Blogging anniversary and thanks to those of you who went and left her warm fuzzies. You rock!
  • I FINALLY got the badge for the Crazy Chick’s Club to work AND it links to the page you need to go to join. If you are a Dude check out the B.A.D. Club there as well.  I went visiting  last night  (- I can do that  because  I have it on good authority I qualify as a Bad Ass Dude in every way except one – )  and they are accepting new members.
  • I joined the Crazy Freaks Club and even got to help pick the theme song.  I think the final choice is up for a vote sometime this weekend. If I see it I’ll post the link.  All three clubs are started and moderated by LaFemmeroar.  Funny, crazy and entertaining .
  • The final post of the week Love is… I still don’t know how I feel about it.  It’s one of those posts that ended differently than I pictured.  In my mind it was a flowers and butterflies. You know all that happy horse shit that gives you warm fuzzies and the end result was still a little darker and slightly cynical.  I have to sit on that for while.  Maybe try for the happy horse shit later.
  • Hey BreakitDownPete!  Just checking cause he wrote a post saying he read my shit…yours too so I’m testing the dude.  Actually Dude with a capital D and yes he is a member of B.A.D. club – should be the Grand Poo Pa  (if it seems I am brown-nosing, well I may be and I have my own good damn reasons.)  Lots of useful information over that way and you have a link.  Make sure that you comment with at least what would be considered a small post.  He likes that.  😉

I think that about wraps up my week.  In the future I will be including  more about everyone else’s  but I just got knocked wonky this week when my laptop crapped out.  As always the comment section is open to anything you would like to say.

Next is Word of the Week.  I just can’t help myself.  So I figured I would combine it in our Happy Talk hour and there, everyone is happy.  Yes I realize I can not possibly make everyone happy and that I shouldn’t presume to think I would know you are happy without some feedback, so I will change it to There now I am happy.  Happy?

 I wouldn’t mind seeing how creatively you all can use the word of the week or even if you would like to suggest a word.  I will try to find nifty unusual words that we can have fun with while we learn.  If you use it cleverly I will be happy to include it in the following week’s Happy Talk.  In fact, bonus points to use it cleverly in a post sometime during the week.  If enough of you get involved we could make it a contest.

 Here we go then.  The word for the week is:

abecedarian   n.  a novice learning the rudiments of something /  adj. alphabetically arranged. 

I would like you to know I do use Urban Dictionary frequently and am pretty sure you will be able to see when I do but I want to have some fun with this word thing  not get all anal about vocabulary ok?  Ya feelin me?

Well gee look at the time!  Leave it to me to turn Happy Talk  into Happy Hour.   I did have a couple of other things I wanted to cover but maybe another time.  Boy this structure thing is working out for me real well huh?  How is it working for you?  🙂

Well folks it’s time to go…(haha I just thought of Carol Burnett pulling her ear ..odd),  but I look forward to your comments and contributions.

A thought before I go,  ( you didn’t think I forgot did you?)  

Everyone qualifies to be the idiot in someone’s village. 

Think of that should you be tempted to be too hard on the Idiot in yours.

Have a wonderful week.!!

~LizzieCracked (not broken)

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9 thoughts on “Happy Talk at The Coffee Spot 12/3

  1. I’m not sure what you are looking for here, since I am an abecedarian reader of the Happy Talk series, but I appreciate the Week in Review and general conversation tone of the column, and am definitely going to be using “Hooey Bunk” when Hooey (which I already use) is not enough.

    As far as the question about the Adele song, the heart wants what the heart wants. Even if it makes no sense.

    And of course, thanks for the shout out!

    1. Bravo! That’s exactly what I am looking for. You Rock as usual. I have Hooey Bunk as a category on my list. It says there are only 2 posts in it but I am going to have to check it out. It came out one day when I was in a position of disbelief and Hooey wasn’t enough and Bunk didn’t cover it so there ya go. It is also far more than crap and perfect when a cuss word may make your point but you have to keep it clean.

      The Adele song, you said it. I only ever had one person tell me that until now.

      I really enjoy your blog. And the music is just the coolest thing. Share the wealth I always say and to me that is more than money or riches.
      🙂 Peace

      1. Something I just noticed and am pointing out because I would want to know too…
        YOu got the meaning I can tell and I in all honesty would have done the same thing – in fact when I put the word up, one reason I liked it is because of the fact it is fitting and in my head I said I am an abecedarian blogger.
        you and I are both abecedarians, you as a reader and me as a writerr but in this sense, as a noun, I guess it should be; as a reader you are an abecardian, So, I got what you were saying and only just now realized that you useed it as an adjective which in this case, this word has a different meaning. Now I am not one to circle in red and return (unless you are my ex husband and I am in need of knocking you down a notch because you use words you aren’t qualified for – and then only if I have had enough of your crap for the time being because it works every time to shut you up – so really I don’t do it just for fun)
        and that’s not what I am doing it’s just that what if you decided this was a favorite word and becasue I didn’t say anything you used it all the time in almost the right way? I would feel terrible.
        What if I ran for office and you came out of the woodwork and said nooooooooo not her!! she ….hahahah ok. the running for office isn’t gonna happen but just sayin..

  2. Okay, I see what you’re saying.
    Since I was just forced to look up the full definition:
    I used it above as an adjective, meaning I’m reading your blog alphabetically.
    Not that it won’t be entertaining, but it may take a while…

    1. Yay! I did the same thing when I was thinking of ways to use it. I actually pondered what would be involved in making my blog alphabetical. I will bet that in 50 years – if we aren’t dead – neither one of us will have forgotten this word. 🙂

  3. I LOVE what you did with Happy Talk at the coffee Spot. And two plugs in one week from you! You are my BFF blogging friend and you have single-handedly given me so much motivation to put more umph into “it”. Thank you for that Lizzie cracked but not broken!

    You are really going to town with your blog! It is really coming together, and I see that you found out how to add badges and everything! I think it’s safe to say now that when it comes to blogging you are no longer an abecedarian!

    I see why you can listen to Someone Like You 100 times — what a beautiful sad song. I’m looking forward to more selections. I don’t put any time into finding good music though I do love it. I’m definitely missing out in that arena and my new resolution is to take time to find some nice songs.

    I bought 500 Days of Summer CD and have been listening to it for about a year in my car now. I must say it’s getting a little .. . uh shall we say predictable? Definitely time for somthing new!

    Oh and for an unusual word, I nominate oblongtitude. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! Ya know I was so thrown by my stupid computer that Sat crept up and bit me in the butt. I hadn’t even thought about what to do with it really and I fell asleep working on it so Sat morning I had zip.

      I mulled over the idea of just starting next week but that kind of seemed to defeat the purpose lol.
      Thanks for your kind words and I’m so glad you are excited about what you are doing too! Yay!! Funny lately I have been thinking in pictures again – like I can’t find the words so I get a mental image of what I want to convey – it’s like the feelings are too big for a word. So if I could doodle this reply it would be a bunch of warm fuzzies and a cup of coffee with BBFF on it and big smiley faces – Thanks for all that 🙂
      Peace & Good Humor my BBFF 🙂

      1. Bonus points for using the word and double for the suggestion. That’s a good word and I will add it to my list.
        I almost always have music playing wherever I am. And it’s always been a part of my life so I think I’ll have fun sharing for Happy Talk. It’s another way to show ow I feel without saying anything. I grew up listening to Simon & Garfunkel and the Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary – stuff like that I don’t even know if they have those on You Tube. Guess I will have to find out. 🙂

  4. Ahh. You say the nicest things. I will picture my cup with BBFF smiley face on it too!

    I always listen to the music channel Soundscapes and try to keep both tv’s tuned to it. (When 37 is home it somehow always switches back to golf). But I haven’t listened to any popular music for years. So it’s nice to have some suggestions.

    I hope you get your got your computer fixed! 🙂

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