Calling for a Show of Love and Warm Fuzzies!


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I just found out that someone whose sense of humor &  point of view  I admire is having double celebratory day.  Linda Vernon whose blog is the first blog I ever read is having a BIRTHDAY and it is her 1 YR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY too!!  She has also been so incredibly supportive of my endeavors and when I found out about today, I really wanted to bake her a cake or get a little trinket or I dunno…..SOMETHING..   For obvious reasons, I’m just thinking a cake would not transfer well so how bout everyone stop by her blog and leave some Warm Fuzzies and Love?  Happy Birthday and 1 YR  Blogging Linda – You Rock! 



4 thoughts on “Calling for a Show of Love and Warm Fuzzies!

  1. Lizzie!! WOW! I am so moved I can’t even believe it! I was reading my comments and I saw that El Guapo came by and left a nice comment and said you sent him and I thought huh? And now I know why! And a cake too!! Ok, it’s official, I don’t think anybody who had a birthday today could have had a better one than me. Thank you so much. How sweet and thoughtful you are. I can’t stop smiling!! Time for Cyber Hugs! 😀

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