Technology is a Bitch ..Then You Die

Ok.  Die is extreme.  Kick someones ass?  Throw things?  I don’t know.  I was thinking along the lines of the old favorite saying of

Life’s a Bitch then you die

Which is still true I think.  I’ll have to get back to you on that. Bitch may be too mild of a term.

My laptop died.  Kaput.  Plooey.  It just decided to hibernate..ok it did threaten me and I ignored it ….  and now refuses to wake up.  I am pissed.  Incredulous would be a better word maybe.  Or  I started off with incredulous and now I’m pissed.

I am sure that it needs a new battery.  I  refuse to think it could be worse.  Not like my last one that  is fried.  With all my pictures and important stuff still inside.   No I can’t let myself go there now.  A battery is bad enough.  Do you know how much those things cost?

I feel like I have been put in isolation and for what offense?  This isn’t fair I tell you.  Thank goodness for my handy phone. Uh yea, there’s an App and I have it.  But it is rather restrictive.  Starting with typing on a teeny tiny keyboard with one thumb all the way to I dont know how to navigate my way around my phone like I do my laptop.  My world, once greatly expanded and enriched by technology, has been made smaller and more restrictive.  And I hate it.

I have never posted a final draft from my phone.  I never had the patience.  And my thumb gets tired.  But its better than giving up.  Right?  We shall see I suppose.

I remember life before phones.  Or more specifically cell phones. I dont even think my Mom remembers life before phones.

Today is Mom’s birthday by the way.  Happy Birthday. I love you and the card is in the mail.  What you didn’t get it?  Blame technology.  Ok no I am  kidding.  I would be silly to mail your card, us only living a mile apart.  It’s stuck as a rough draft on my laptop.  That is true but I still have time to salvage something. So I won’t elaborate.  And I see you holding your watch up again so to to do so might be pointless.  Good intentions….something about the road to hell.  I am on it I tell you. before cell phones.  And computers.  Look what technology has, done for us.  And how far we have come.  I like all that it has made available.  But I miss the simplest things of before.  Like going places without worrying if you will have cell service.  When you went you were gone and unreachable until you got back home.

But I love my laptop.  I love all the places I can go, things I can learn, and that I can have it right next to me on my bed to record my.thoughts and ideas and ….. Ug.  Im discombobulated.  And unhappy.

Guess I’ll just have to deal until I get money for a battery.  Hoping of course that really is the problem.  I wonder… I haven’t checked the couch cushions lately and I repaid my.i.o.u.’s that I put in the various piggy banks of The Gaggle…. Where do they keep those things?

What technology  gives is so  easily taken away.

That’s a bitch.  Bigger than life. 
And as much as I’d love to roll my sleeves up and really get my Bitch on…..  I don’t think I will win. 


6 thoughts on “Technology is a Bitch ..Then You Die

  1. Any way you can kick back and enjoy the disconnectedness?
    I generally am relieved when I’m away from technology for a while (after the withdrawal symptoms fade).

    On the other hand, you might be able to trade the laptop on Craigslist for an “Always On” brain chip…

    Whaddaya mean they don’t make those yet?!? it’s 2011 for Chrissakes. And where’s my flying car?!?
    Effin’ Technology…

    Hang in there, and this looks great for a phone-post.

    1. Lol. Well I could do some serious house cleaning. Might take my mind off.of it and I would feel good too. I have been here before….and I used my phone for all my technology needs. We have a close relationship. But I didnt have a blog. And pen and paper wont kill me.
      I fully expected to be in a Jetson type car by now. But if it works likevthe laptop….eh.
      I did have a chance to polish it up a little after posting. But even the first posting frim my phone…wasnt so bad. Unlike my comments. Typos sorry.
      Hey….it will cut down my word count I bet lol.
      🙂 Peace

  2. If you typed this post on your cell phone, I salute you!! And I do so hope it’s just your battery. The same thing happened to me last spring. I got a horrible virus on my desktop so I had to rough it and type my blog using my Ipad. It was trecherous and slow going. It was a little like when the pioneers came out west and timed it just right so they would be at the Rocky Mountain’s just as it started to snow. (I’m talking to you Donner Party!)

    I took my computer to a repair shop and long story short ended up paying as much as if i would have just bought a new one. And I lost a bunch of pictures in the process . . . sigh . . .

    Anyway, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the bad battery scenario! 🙂

    1. Oh. Ew. Virus? Never thought of that..but its dead as all.get.out now. Wont work plugged in. In fact it was plugged in when it died… Yea. I did type it and post it from my phone however I was able to get on a computer later and edit…soo I cant be too full of myself yet. Haha like the pioneers…well then I shall keep.plugging away. Im mostly miffed cause I used to write ..type my thoughts in a word file. And um yeah. Not like I wont have more lol. Batteries are over $100 but if thats what it is I guess I will be thankful. Ah well… This, too shall pass…right?
      Peace 🙂

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