Coffee Talk, My Mean Streak, The Happy Spot and Structure

Coffee LOL
Image by Javier Benek via Flickr

So I have been thinking.

It isn’t that big of announcement.  I tend to spend much of my time in the pursuit of thought and surely have no shortage of random thoughts occupying the space between my ears.  That reminds me of my senior year in high school. actually a little before when I had my senior pictures taken.  My parents were looking through the proofs and both liked one pose more than any others.  When I asked why I was told

you look like you are thinking.

Really?  As opposed to what? I have often wondered over the years.  Do I not look like a thoughtful person?  Of course my parents were teasing me.  At least I think so.  I need to just stop thinking about it.

What I have been thinking about recently is structure Gasp.  Just because I am not good at it or having it doesn’t mean I don’t think about it.  In fact, knowing that structure is a key component in managing my illness, I try to think that I really want it.  I can’t quite get there as it goes against my free spirit nature, bipolar brain mood swings and even the word sounds …anal.  I don’t know what my hang up is.  But I think I need to get over it.  Kind of.

If it were just me, I could probably deal without it just fine.  Or at least not have to hear about it.  But I know it would be better for my kids if I tried to do something at the same time on the same day.  It can give someone especially  a kid, a sense of security to know they can count on something happening.  Right now the only thing that they can count on from me is that they never know what’s next. Oh, and that I love them mightily.

When your circadian rhythm is nonexistent and you fly by the seat of your pants, structure is not an easy thing to implement.  I can’t just wake up one morning at whatever time I happen to open my eyes and suddenly adhere to a schedule,  I can’t suddenly be focused on all the things I need to accomplish on any given day and complete them at a set time.   I can but it’s not gonna work if I just try to all of sudden be structured and predictable and …stable.  I know this.  Not just think it.  I have tried before.

So it will have to start with one thing at a time and I think that my blog is a good place to start implementing some structure.  I am actually doing pretty good with that in that I have been able to post nearly everyday but it’s a crap shoot what sort of nonsense will inspire me.  I don’t want to make it all predictable but I have decided to have at least one theme type post a week on the very same day every week.  It makes me nervous but I think it might be fun also.  I enjoy going to blogs that have a predictable pattern of sorts.  Like I know what to expect on say, Monday morning or the first day of the month.

So after a little brainstorming, I have a couple of thoughts.  Concrete workable ones I should add.  Hardly believable I am a person of thought if I can only produce a couple after a brainstorm huh?

The first one that I think is workable is Coffee Talk.  Any of you SNL fans who watched during the early 90’s should know where this title came from.  It was a spoof on a talk show actually a spoof on a mother-in-law, that featured Mike Myers as an alter ego Linda something or other.  I would stop and look it up but I have a good train of thought going here.  She was a Jewish woman from New York who with her friends would sit around and discuss certain topic and give their opinions.  Barbara Streisand was a popular topic – she was like butter and one of my favorite lines was when Linda was upset and would get all choked up and with a hand on her chest with tears in her eyes and a thick New york accent say

I’m a little veclempt.  Talk (which sounded like Tawlk) amongst yourselves.  I’ll give you a topic. (TAWpic)

So the idea would be a regular post on say Saturday morning that  may cover a couple of topics, a recap of the week or sharing things I have learned and blogs that  I stumbled upon and the people who write them.   Maybe a guest appearance and eventually get to the point of you, the readers deciding what we should Tawlk about.  I’d like it to be interactive and open for discussion.  I have enjoyed your comments on my posts and the back and forth that sometimes results from it.

For any of you that read Ashley Jillian’s blog (if you don’t you should check it out) she did a wonderful post on blog tips that suggested Saturday mornings are not the best time to post for high traffic.  So yes I am going directly against her advice, but there is a reason for that.  I put a lot of thought into it.

The one thing I am iffy about on this is the title.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but what if I get famous?  I don’t think I will be able to keep it.  I am still mulling this over but I have an alter ego too.  It’s not worth going into too much as it loses a lot in translation.  If  I could show you, now that would be different.  I have no doubt you would laugh and with that in mind (and the possibility of becoming  famous of course) I am kinda liking Thoughts from My Happy Spot.  So there’s my dilemma.  imitation or originality where the meaning is pretty much lost on those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting my alter ego or hearing about my happy spot….  Maybe Coffee talk at the Happy Spot…   TAWlk amongst yourselves.  You have the topic.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

The other two ideas I have and I really do want to hear what your thoughts are;

  • Word of the day.  – except I think that is too much pressure for me.  Maybe word of the week or 2 words a week would be a better place to start.  Although I would have a post everyday even if my brain won’t cooperate on a cracked observation or life lesson and can’t come up with any unsolicited advice.
  • My Mean Streak and…..  I just like this one because it lets me vent.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, here is the link to the post that has inspired this thought.  I think you would be surprised and amused at the things my mean streak comes up with. I know I am.  And I do like to share creative ways to vent.  A little harmless fun.

So folks that’s what it is .  The thoughts I have pondered.  Technically this is my first installment of Coffee Talk from …OH!…  I got it!!!

Happy Talk From The Coffee Spot…

I am kinda liking that .  What do you think?  I’ll bring the coffee and occasionally there may be donuts.

I have some house keeping to do now.  I am trying to figure out how to do the blog roll. My Facebook is gone all wonky   I need to add the badge for the Crazy Chick’s Club that I proudly am now a member of.  Any of you chicks that want to check it out there is a link and Lefemmeroar, the founder and a very funny lady,  also has a club for the dudes and one for the freaks too.  I’m toying with joining that one but I need to pace myself.  I also never put up my Versatile Blogger Badge so I need to figure it all out

 And I have to clean my house.  The real one I live in.  Yuck.

I’ll leave you with this thought until next time,  ( I do realize I have put an awful lot on you already but this  right here is the beginning of structure and predictability in my new series so you can expect it every week.  Closing with a thought.  See?  I do think things through.)

 You will never get where you are going if you don’t get out of bed.

Talk amongst yourselves.

by the way, I didn’t want to just leave you hanging  – It’s Linda Richman the name of the Coffee Talk Lady.

7 thoughts on “Coffee Talk, My Mean Streak, The Happy Spot and Structure

  1. I like “My Mean Streak” and you definitely have to join the “Crazy Freaks Club” 🙂 I’d let you in the “B.A.D. Club” but you haven’t got the “equipment” although us femmes can grow some mean balls when the need arises. We’re versatile that way. Love this post 🙂 Sharing it now 🙂

    1. Hahahaha I was worried my Mean Streak might give the wrong impression lol. I’m so there joining the Crazy Freaks Club as soon as I get my computer / technology issues fixed and I’m not restricted by the litte phone or time when I borrow someone else’s computer. Grrrr. I still didn’t get the badge posted but I’ll deal with that as soon as I can. Thanks so much for stopping by and I am totally honored you think I could be a in the B.A.D. Club. That’s awesomeness in it’s real form. Love your Blog, hell your whole site. See ya soon!
      🙂 Peace

  2. Ok, first of all nearly coffee sprayed when I read, “you look like you are thinking”

    I totally agree about implementing structure and adhereing to schedules. These are two things I am barely hanging in there on so far. But hey, I’m only 60! I’ve got some years yet to get my life “adhereing” and “implementing” . . . maybe.

    I really like “My Mean Streak and . . . ” and I love the idea of a Saturday weekly wrap up. What ever way you decide to package up those thoughts of yours, Lizzie, it all good since I like the way your mind works.

    I’m off to check out Crazy Chick’s Club now! Wish me luck!

    1. Hahaha I so wish I could find a copy of that picture. I would post it just because.

      I don’t know so much about the structure thing. My thought is if you go to bed and wake up around the same time everyday day well that should be enough. I don’t even do that so it sounds pretty structured to me.

      Thanks for your input it is as always greatly appreciated. I always can’t wait to see what you will think.
      So I don’t know if you read my latest post about technology but I am reduced to using my phone or a borrowed computer. I had lots of Mean Streak Ideas on the laptop. Lesson learned. Maybe if I go out Christmas shopping I will get a good idea lol. If you figure out how to get the badge posted on your site for the Crazy Chick’s Club, I could use some help.
      🙂 Peace

  3. Having a totally different chronic illness (insulin dependent diabetic), I find my life is easier when I suck it up and do what I’m supposed to. Doctor actually worked with me to help me manage it despite a crazed schedule.
    Not sure if that would work for you, but hey, you never know…

    Happy Talk From The Coffee Spot sounds good, as long as us crazies are still welcome!

    1. It’s for you – US – crazies silly. Always welcome and if it’s ever standing room only, VIP status all the way lol. I know the thought of structure is probably worse than actually doing it. I’m glad you are managing your illness and that you found a way to make it work and have some help. I know that once you are there it is actually easier than the craziness and unpredictability. Thanks for your input and support.
      🙂 Peace

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