I am One Too…

Logotype of the United States Army
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Today is Veteran’s Day.

Be sure to thank the Veteran’s you know,  and take time to think of those that have been injured or lost their life in service of their country.

This country

Your country.   Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

Our freedom made possible by the selfless men and women who gave of themselves to keep it.

Take time to reflect if you are one of the Veterans on what it means.  And if you are not a Veteran, on what it means.

Veteran’s Day is to remember the fallen the injured, the heroes.

And a day to remember every other soldier that came home, did not suffer injury and may not have done anything to make themselves remarkable during their service.

Except that every single soldier is remarkable because whether they were put in harm’s way or saw a battlefront, they volunteered to give their life for yours.

That is how I see the Veterans of our country.  The protectors of our freedom.  and yet,

I am one too…  I am one who did that for you. I am a veteran of the United States Army.  I was a soldier.  I do not consider I am worthy of thanks or that I did anything special.  I do not think this day is for me.  I just did my job.  And Life goes on.


2 thoughts on “I am One Too…

  1. I too have ‘been there, done that’ so know exactly what you mean. Even though I came back in one piece, I was willing to ‘pay the price’ for that extraordinary benefit that too many of us take for granted. Freedom. Yes, for that…I’ll fight…anytime, anywhere, anyone. Sound a little too Braveheart-ish? Maybe. But my heritage is largely Scottish, so I guess I can use that as an excuse. 😉

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