A Treat on a Tricky Day.

Halloween Tree

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Getting ready for the surge of witches and goblins and to take my own of the Gaggle out to trick-or-treat.  Looks like it may just be the 7yo and almost 5yo this year but the jury is still out on the 18yo. They are dressing as Scooby Doo and a Snowman respectively and my 18yo, well like I said, not sure yet.  If I had money to put on it I would say she will come up with something at the last-minute because I don’t really see her missing out on one of her favorite things, or her Snickers.  I am just really hoping none of the little kids this year have decided to be an Angry Bird, or one of the Pigs with the helmet.  But I can say that if there are any birds then at least I hope they get the eyebrows on properly.  That is what makes the difference between a regular bird and an Angry Bird for sure.

My almost 5yo has decided to say instead of the traditional trick-or-treat.

Trick or Treat, smell my feet and I don’t care if you don’t!

followed of course by the proper thanks yous and all.  I just thought, in the spirit of the day, I would leave you with that treat.  🙂

The Scooby-Doo Show
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2 thoughts on “A Treat on a Tricky Day.

  1. So cute and adorable! Hope you had a great Halloween and they all got lots of candy including your 18 yo!

    I wish they would have had blogging when my kids were little, what a great record it would have been.

    1. Oodles and oodles. It will probably last until Christmas lol. My 18yo managed to squirrel away plenty of snickers….in my purse lol. She is lucky I gave them back. I think the blogging as a record of the kids occured to me when I was writing about my almost 5 yo and his fudgesicle. I realized that had it not been for me writing about him that morning that, like so many other moments from the other kids would have been lost… I always thought when my oldest kids were little that the cute things they said in did would always stay with me. Sadly I have learned the hard way, that our memories are not infallible. Hope you had a great Halloween too!
      Peace 🙂

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