There is a Horror Movie about Birds, You Think it Can’t Happen?

Angry Birds Stuffed Animals
Image by camknows via Flickr

So I was perusing the Market App on my Android phone.  I found Angry Birds Seasons.  Halloween to be more precise.  So, I downloaded it hoping it would be better than just Angry Birds.  And, it is.  Cept I am stuck on a level already that isn’t too far into the game.  🙂

I went to Angry Birds the regular and decided to try the level I have been stuck on for weeks.  If I don’t get it I am deleting Angry Birds (the original ) because I don’t need it.  Is there something in the game graphics that refuses to let you leave?  I had one more pig once, and that of course made me want to keep trying.  So now….I have been playing Angry Birds for 45 mins and yes folks, I am ON THE SAME LEVEL……



and please don’t let there be any kids dressed up as Angry Birds for Halloween….  That would be a trick for sure.  No treat!

One thought on “There is a Horror Movie about Birds, You Think it Can’t Happen?

  1. haha! Well, don’t feel bad. I’m the very worst person at video games in the entire history of the world. Case in point, it once took me 20 minutes to get one time around playing Mario Cart. And it made my eyes water so bad all my eye make up came off. My kids thought it was hilarious though!

    Angry birds that are smarter than you are the worst kind of birds!

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