Stupid is Stupid but Ignorance is Bliss

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After years of soul searching…I can say that I have found my Bliss.  It’s been with me all along I just did not recognize it to be.

Bliss thy name is Ignorance.                                            

You know all those sayings that we humans tend to live by?  They exist for a reason.  Pretty much because someone was clever enough to take a complex issue and reduce it into a tiny nugget of wisdom that just rolls off the tongue, is fairly easy to remember and thus,  the thought would be to live by and apply to our daily lives. Also the trick would be to not be completely literal in the application. Think outside the bun and these idiomatic expressions are treasures for sure. For example:

  •  A  penny saved is a penny earned” ,
  •  a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush. 
  • The road to hell is paved with good intention ( ok I admit, I am not so sure that one is really right for today’s dissertation. , I just like it)
  •  Kill 2 birds with one stone – which by the way, has been rephrased to reflect the changing times to;
  •  Kill 1 pig with 2 birds( where by it loses a little of it’s wisdom and logic but we aren’t going there)
  • and the focus of today and my favorite…. Ignorance is Bliss

There are many. Really I could go on all day but I am trying to be more mindful of keeping my fecund imagination and prolific writing in check so as not to cause you excessive time away from whatever it is you were doing or are going to do after subjecting yourself to my point of view, standpoint and / or , mental attitude.   And I should probably point out that I downloaded a dictionary / thesaurus app just this morning in case you are concerned I might be ill or a little more cracked than usual.  I assure you I am just having a little fun.  I haven’t had a point of reference for word usage in ages.  I will get over it momentarily if you will bear with me.

I like to befuddle my children with expressions such as these and even have a few that are solely for that purpose. (their utter confusion)

  •  6 in one, half a dozen in the other.  The meaning is clear but say it fast and watch their faces.
  • layovers to catch meddlers – um this one is just for confusion too..I think it means just because  – shh don’t tell them I don’t know

A caution to parents; while it is tempting to impart these nuggets of wisdom on our children as a way to get them to think and learn and all that good stuff….. Ignorance is bliss is not an expression I would try to teach them too early.  As in before 45. I just happen to catch on a little faster than the average bear and I figured it out all by myself.  Sort of. Either way, the true meaning is lost on the kids and they will just use it as an excuse to not do their homework.

The reason I never realized that Ignorance really is Bliss is because I heard ignorant and I thought.  Stupid. 

Ignorance is not stupidity.  It ‘s a hard concept to wrap you r head around.  Stupid is stupid.  You really can not fix it. Without delving too much further into that train of thought  because I am ignorant of the politically correct way to say stupid is just stupid and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings,  I will say that I do believe  it is true that stupid people are also ignorant, but the reverse is not always true.  Ignorant people are not always stupid.  In fact, ignorance as a lifestyle choice can be the sign of a highly intelligent person, take me for example.   Ignorance as I said earlier is my bliss.  I am not at all stupid unless I choose to act like I am.  And acting stupid and actually being stupid are also completely different animals.  It could be argued that it is stupid to act stupid.  I have not had the chance to think that one completely  through.  

 I don’t read or watch the news on a regular basis anymore.  I think the last time I paid attention was when Amy Winehouse died.  I liked her, the hot mess she was.  I even heard that she was bipolar too. 

It isn’t because I don’t care what is going on in the world it’s just that I don’t care too much.  I have my own problems and often getting caught up in the tragedies and worries of others makes them harder than necessary to deal with.  It is a decision of self-preservation more than anything .By choosing ignorance, of the daily happenings in the world, I save myself from worrying that the end is near or something equally as disturbing. Thus, I remain …blissful.  I suppose you could argue that my choice to be ignorant will eventually lead to stupidity and that I will not be able to carry an intelligent conversation of current events but It hasn’t been a problem for me yet so save it.  I do not want to know.

Besides, if something happens that I need to know, my mom will tell me.  Just the other day she made sure my daughter and I were made aware of the latest study on the evils of children watching any kind of tv or similar media before the age of 2. I get perturbed at her need to pop my lovely bubble of chosen ignorance and don’t understand it when clearly the damage is already done.   It makes no sense to me to give me a tv, children’s programming, a chance to  slip away while they are engrossed in Little Einsteins so I can get a little loving while they are none the wiser only to tell me when my youngest is almost 5 that tv stunts their growth or speech or whatever it is they are saying now. And why if tv is so bad do they even have a show called Little Einsteins?  That is just stupid. 

 How is this knowledge going to help me?  It’s too late.  My kids are ruined and it’s all my fault because I did what everybody else did and let them watch tv.  I don’t need to add this kind of guilt and self-flagellation to my daily grind.  In fact since I embraced the ignorance isn’t stupidity – it’s a life choice mantra I have been much less stressed about my poor damaged children.  Ignorance allows me to believe that no matter what they will all be ok. 

All I have left to add is life was happier and simpler without all the things we know about these days.  The saying If I only knew then what I know now is crap.  I think it should be more like if I only knew now just what I knew then.  There are so many more great examples of how choosing ignorance is a benefit but it seems we are out of time.  Sesame Street is on in 5 minutes

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17 thoughts on “Stupid is Stupid but Ignorance is Bliss

  1. My husband and I completely quit watching the news a couple years ago and we haven’t missed a thing worth knowing. We found out about Osama on the Golf Channel. So I figure if it’s that important they’ll interupt the golf channel and my husband will tell me what happened!

    Ah to be ignorant again! I’ll make that my new goal!

    1. It is a noble goal and lofty ideal indeed. To be completely honest, I did not set out to ignore the news, I was deprived of internet and my dog chewed up both tv remotes within a few days of each other…. I hate channel surfing with the thingy on the box and my favorite channel is far away from any news channels. Once I got used to it though I was amazed at how much calmer I was and how much space cleared up in my brain. I realized how much the media really yucks up the drama. As if I dont have enough. I also feel like a better parent not because changed how I parent but because I am completely ignorant of how terribly I am screwing up The Gaggle. With the span of ages, I was bombarded nearly everyday with how bad everything is and was heavily medicated.due to anxiety. Ignorance allows me to just enjoy them growing up. And I am confident what I dont know, wont hurt them. : p Happy Ignorance ! We should plan.on.comparing notes in the not to.distant future. Peace.

  2. Reblogged this on Running Naked With Scissors and commented:

    In keeping with the thought of bringing to light some of my earlier musings.. I give you this little gem. Some others are built off the ignorance is bliss mantra of my life so I thought I’d enlighten you 🙂 Not sure what happened to the print in the middle of the page it got tiny.. sorry about that. Enjoy 🙂

  3. This one is wonderful too. So true. I wish I could unlearn some things, and to go back to the days when I was a kid and the world was just another place to explore…that would be awesome. I get way too concerned with stuff now.

    1. I know right? My daughter likes to come tell me things – the ones I really dont wanna know that she reads or sees on the news and as she is talking I will plug my ears and say la la la I am not listening but she keeps on and then I get bummed.. I don;t need to know that I tell her…sigh…. It;s kinda a double edged sword though cause.. I love all the possibilities of the internet.. so I wouldnt; want to not have the option.. but things were a lot simpler then …

  4. Like you..I go for periods when I don’t watch the news. Sometimes it is just such a negative experience especially if you’re looking for the opposite. The world will go on in all it’s ‘bliss’ if I don’t watch it. In fact at one time in my life when I was still in the ‘depressed’ mode, my doctor told me NOT to watch it…..Diane

    1. It definitely has a negative effect if you are already down and can ruin a good mood too… the crap people do to each other and the suffering in the world… I read somewhere that they (who is they?) thought that a whole bunch of people suffered from PTSD after 9/11..from watching it on tv and that a lot of kids had some serious anxiety from seeing it …

  5. You are so right about life being happier and less stressful by not knowing about every little thing that is wrong or that might go wrong especially when you are raising kids! There”s enough to worry about with the stuff you do know! Sheesh! Especially when it’s in hindsight. I’m sure I did a million things wrong with my kids but its pretty much all said and done now and it is what it is. I think the thing that matters the most to me now is knowing that I did my very best. I’m glad your rerunning these posts, Lizzie! 🙂

    1. Thanks. I am tying to figure out if there is a difference to my approach between then and now… they seem more high spirited or something.. anyways.. yeah I used to put a lot of stock in right and wrong …now i just think its a bunch of who evers blowing a lot of smoke and hot air.. what makes them the experts and who gave them the power to say I am wrong? eh I dunno.. I just don’t stress about it too much anymore…

  6. I can relate to this .. its why I love the bush – and in some parts here they dont even have newspapers or watch TV … and the world doesnt end ! 😉 The only newspaper I read is NT news because unlike most newspapers all they talk about is UFO’s and Crocodiles lol xx Kel

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