I am Humbled..by Underpants of All Things.

The first Captain Underpants book.
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Today I am exasperated.

A headache that won’t quit and I went grocery shopping.  The relief of having food in the house overshadowed by the worry it will be gone long before I am able to go again.  Since it is fall break,  I had the privilege of taking my almost  5yo and 7yo with me.  I already loathe grocery shopping because it is hard for me to stay organized as long as it takes to finish and to fight my impulsive nature.  Doing it with kids in tow makes it the equivalent of a root canal with no Novocaine.  I hate to curb their youthful exuberance and curiosity but if I got one more flat tire with the damn cart…or had to tell them one more time to keep their paws to themselves it is quite possible I would have started babbling incessantly and drooling on myself right there in the store.

As soon as we got home my(almost) 5yo announces he has to poop.  It’s actually a blessing now.  Usually he makes the announcement in the store and insists on checking out the public restroom.  Today he decided he had either seen this particular restroom enough or was having too much fun giving me flat tires to remember pooping.

Either way, he made his big announcement at home.  I’m still thinking it might have been about trying the new toilet paper, but that is of little consequence at this point.  He does his business and out to the kitchen he trots with underpants and shorts in hand.

“Mommy, help me with my underpants?”

“I am a little busy Love. Can you ask someone else…or do it yourself?”

“no Mommy. I want you to.”

“Ok but I am busy and ya know what? 5 yo boys can put their own underpants on anyways. So why are you asking for help ? “

“Because, I’m not 5 yet. “

Immediately I am humbled.  I turn around and look at his sweet little face and am struck that this is my last child to see through these tender years.  I will never have these moments again.  He will grow up soon enough, they all have and this sweet little boy needs me to put on his underpants.  So what if he is almost 5 and should be able to do it himself. So I put on his underpants and  I pull him close and kiss his head, inhaling his  wonderful little boy smell and I know I will never forget the day I was humbled

 by underpants….of all things.  


12 thoughts on “I am Humbled..by Underpants of All Things.

    1. Thank you. It is easy to forget what it is all about in the husle and bustle. It surprises me sometimes how the little things can remind and humble us. Even with all the media available to us today with digital cameras and video on our phones…we can never truly capture that preciousness.

  1. Ahhh… I remember those days. I purposely went shopping at 10 p.m. when the kids were asleep and the stores were empty. Tension often ran high when I had the girls with me, and my expectations of myself (and them) were unrealistic. I think most of us Moms are guilty of that. I was happy to read that you caught it in time to simply be in the moment.

    1. Oh I completely understand going at 10 pm… I have been known to go at 2 am because,that is when I realize if I wait I.will be having to tow at least one kid along. I think I was always more stressed at other peoples expectations that my children shouldnt be so enthusiastic. When they were littler I could get in the zone….tuning them out just enough to get the shopping.done before they realized I wasnt.paying.attention. Once they were on to me though…… I don’ t wish to rush my kids into growing up. I think we all just do sometimes and I am grateful when I can stop and be in the moment too.

  2. I love, love, love Captain Underpants…you just have no idea. Have you read those books? I am not trying to be weird or anything, but they may be the best book series ever. Seriously.

  3. I Very Much dislike taking my flesh eaters to the grocery store. No matter how much of a pep talk I give myself before, it always ends badly. ALWAYS.

    It is funny/sad how I have wished time away when they were so little & helpless because I ‘couldn’t wait until they could do things for themselves’, but now I miss being the only one who could do those same things for them. *sigh, again*

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